19 Feb 2019


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More magic is on its way this evening and tomorrow. Gorgeous photo by @rydongrams, via our #thehillishome hashtag. If you’d like to see your photo here, tag us!

Good late morning/early afternoon, Capitol Hill! Hey, parents: How do we like this DCPS February break? Mixed reviews over here, mostly because I’m not on vacation.

Krystal Mack, formerly employed by Rose’s Restaurant Group spoke out against management in a recent Instagram post. From her post: “This is what money, power & accolades provide. The ability to use incentives to abuse and go unchecked with that abusive power. 
When you are poor & the restaurant is owned by a man who was formerly a successful banker and son of a prominent lawyer you don’t have the tools at your disposal to control the narrative. BUT, YOU HAVE YOUR VOICE.” Krystal Mack on Instagram

A beautiful (politics-free) photo essay of some of the people who live in, and who make, our neighborhood. I dare you to scroll through it to the end with a dry eye. Not possible. Washington Post

Nothing like a well-crafted headline to distill the essence of an article in a clear and concise way. Disclaimer: This is not that headline. The article is about bike lane and parking changes in Near Northeast/NoMa. WUSA-9

There’s probably only a handful of readers who are going to hate this profanity-laced, crass Deadspin piece titled “Dan Snyder’s Sleazy Stadium Scheme is Crumbling Around Him.” I’d like to extend a heartfelt apology to those readers. To the rest of you, HIGH FREAKING FIVES.

They left nothing but the facade on. Rumor has it that this house had historically significant frescoes painted in one of its rooms, but now that’s all gone. Capitol Hill Corner

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst claimed her Capitol Hill home as her primary residence and claimed DC resident tax exemption. That was a tax no-no and she had to give the money back. Roll Call

Speaking of Lifestyles of the Public Servants, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is now living in Navy Yard and, much like her dancing, this item seems to be giving her haters hives. Washington Free Beacon

A wall-appreciation item: The Navy Yard may actually need a 14-foot wall to protect the grounds from rising sea levels. The sea levels are not the only ones rising: Sarcasm also rose 75% after reading this item. WTOP

You may remember that a few months back, there was a man exposing himself around Barracks Row. Seems we now have a flasher in Northeast. I’d say to keep a lookout for this man, but that’s kind of playing into his own game. (Sorry, too soon?) Washington Post

What’s Mayor Bowser’s favorite DC pizza? It’s a four-way tie, and you can get all the contenders in our neighborhood. DCist has the scoop (and the slice). Frankly, I’m surprised she didn’t add Ward 4’s Timber Pizza Company to her list, but then again, I usually get my kids their pizza fix from Bistro Italiano, so what do I know?

Another exciting dining option from an acclaimed restaurateur may coming soon to Navy Yard. Eater

Yes, ChiKo is really, really good. Washingtonian

JDLand tidbits to have and to share.

Bonus: This essay celebrating Speaker Pelosi’s mothering skills, and how they’ve helped her attain and maintain her position of power is one of the best anytime-Valentines you can read. Re-reading it myself as I justify my sketchy parenting choices this week. Washington Post

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