19 Mar 2018

Capitol Hill:

Meet Julie Aaronson, CHAMPS’s New Executive Director

I recently met Julie Aaronson, the new Executive Director of CHAMPS, the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce, at Jacob’s Coffeshop. I walked; she rode her bicycle– a well-loved cruiser with a back rack outfitted with a homemade cushion– a gift from Julie’s mom so she can cart around her young daughters on short trips around […]

15 Mar 2018


To Do: Weekend of March 15th -18th

Dear me, it is St. Patrick’s day this weekend– on a Saturday, no less. While I will likely stay home undercovers with some soda bread watching The Commitments, don’t let me keep you from sharing in the festivities with all your other Irish friends. Tonight is another Overbeck Lecture sponsored by the Capitol Hill Restoration […]

13 Mar 2018


Hill Buzz

Twelve very busy teenagers and other suspects in this crime round-up from Post Local. Washington Post  The LGBT community and ANC 6B are NOT in agreement over the naming of an alley and it sounds like Phil Mendelson wants to pin it on the ANC, instead of acknowledging that procedure was not followed correctly, according […]

12 Feb 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: The Merry Bachelors

The history of the Hill is littered with many and varied clubs and associations. Some, like the Masons, are still with us. Others, like the Odd Fellows Club, still exist but have disappeared from the Hill. And then there was the Ugly Club, which has – probably rightly – disappeared entirely. It is probably for […]

25 Jan 2018


To Do: Weekend of January 25th – 28th

Greetings all! The last weekend of January is here, somehow. Time rushes on and therefore we must stop and mark it with some stellar neighborhood activities. Onward! Tonight at the Hill Center, you can listen to poet Sally Wen Mao, the 2017-2018 Jenny McKean Moore Writer-in-Residence at George Washington University. Mao will be in conversation […]

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