24 Mar 2017

Arts & Entertainment:

#BARMADNESS17: Cinderella Stories

Another round down, another round to go, shortly. But first, results! We love to see those paragons of, ahem, “drinking establishment” awesomeness rise to the top: Dire is the fate of the establishment that has a license to sell alcohol and spirits who has to go up against the Tune Inn. In true fashion, the […]

23 Mar 2017


To Do: Weekend of March 23rd – 26th

Greetings, chilly ones! After you are done watching all the hearings here are some things to distract you from reality for a brief shining moment. Tonight, channel your inner hippie and learn to make macramé planters and pot a succulent to go in it. Salt and Sundry and Little Leaf partner up for this week’s […]

16 Mar 2017


To Do: Weekend of March 16th – 19th

I’m not sure what you’ll be doing this weekend but you’ll find me wandering the aisles of the new H Street Whole Foods clutching my bags of vegan pork rinds and selecting treats from the mochi bar while sipping a local beer. How about you? Tonight at the Hill Center, Washington National Opera company member […]

09 Mar 2017


To Do: Weekend of March 9th – 12th

You guys: It may actually snow this weekend, just when we had finally given up all hope and moved on from harboring any expectations that Old Man Winter would change his ways and show up and things would be the way they used to be. We stuffed our hygge dreams and learned to live with […]

25 Feb 2017


To Do: Weekend of February 23rd – 26th (Updated)

Hey there! Exciting times, exciting times… But hey, the weather is nice. We have no idea what this means so carpe the heck out of this diem, folks. Tonight at 7:30 p.m. at the Hill Center, African-Caribbean Canadian Kaia Kater performs her unique blend of Canadian folk and Appalachian music. Her new album, Nine Pin (May 2016), […]

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