Maria Helena Carey

María Helena Carey has always liked to write, tell stories and take pictures but it wasn’t until she moved to the Nation’s Capital that she began exploring all three in a serious manner. She loves poking around Capitol Hill and photographing some of her favorite things: food, her kids, quirky little dogs and cats, and Capitol Hill façades. She is also a portrait photographer and you can see her work at You can contact her at

Maria Helena Carey
16 Jan 2019


Snow Pups + Snow Kids +Snow FUN! (Part 2)

Hello again! You tagged us in so many wonderful photos over on Instagram, we had to share as many as we could on here. I hope you enjoy looking at your friends and neighbors as much as I enjoyed seeing them and putting them here for all of you to see. These are tough times […]

15 Jan 2019


Hill Buzz

Welcome back! Did you enjoy your snow day? I know I did. Kudos to the DC government for making sure roads were plowed and appropriately salted, and to everyone who made the right call early on Sunday night and decided it was probably a good idea to just sit this one out. Go ahead, Northerners: […]

14 Jan 2019


Snow Pups + Snow Kids +Snow FUN! (Part 1)

Alright people. We retweeted your adorable, magical photos from yesterday’s snow day and shared them in our Instagram stories– if you don’t follow us on Instagram, you really should! But is there anything more adorable than little people, little furry people and little people at heart enjoying the snow? I THINK NOT. So here’s a […]

12 Jan 2019


Vote for Your Favorite Place Under 40 in this Beautiful List

Our friends over at the National Trust for Historic Preservation want you to vote for your favorite American places that have been established less than 40 years ago. Take some time to click through this gorgeous collection of monuments, museums, buildings, plazas, parks, memorials and…. rows of antennas (?), and remember that this beautiful country […]

12 Jan 2019

Eastern Market:

Send Your Comments to the Eastern Market Metro Park Project

Do you want to share your input on what the Eastern Market Metro Plaza should look like and which amenities it could/might/should have? If so, make sure you click this link  and fill out the survey. You have until Friday, January 18 to do so! Make sure you pass it on to your neighbors as […]

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