Maria Helena Carey

María Helena Carey has always liked to write, tell stories and take pictures but it wasn’t until she moved to the Nation’s Capital that she began exploring all three in a serious manner. She loves poking around Capitol Hill and photographing some of her favorite things: food, her kids, quirky little dogs and cats, and Capitol Hill façades. She is also a portrait photographer and you can see her work at You can contact her at

Maria Helena Carey
21 Jan 2020


The March for Life (and the littering and reckless charter buses) is coming this Thursday and Friday

I’m not going to discuss the merits or lack thereof regarding the March for Life this coming Friday, January 24th: With whichever side of this debate you happen to agree, I’m sure this humble local blog isn’t going to change your mind. But can we talk for a minute about the environmental disaster that they […]

15 Jan 2020


What’s your least favorite H Street intersection?

So this afternoon, while we were getting news that someone threatened the Fraternal Order of Police with a bomb threat of some sort––something we will likely never know for sure, because the Capitol Police seldom shares information about their activity–– a cyclist was hit at 3rd and H Streets NE. Our friend Loren at the […]

15 Jan 2020


Rejoice: More people are riding Metro (rail)!

There are two types of people: Those who love Metro and those who ride Metro on a daily basis. Okay, I kid. As a regular Metro rider, I love the system. But there is no denying that it’s had its share of troubles. Good thing that things are looking up for WMATA. From a press […]

15 Jan 2020

Arts & Entertainment:

The Set List: Week of January 15, 2020

Hello and welcome to this year’s first Set List! Get excited for live music and local talent. I’d like to start this week’s round-up by sharing a song from a very local artist, who went to Stuart-Hobson Middle School and is currently a freshman at Duke Ellington. Make sure you click through and listen to […]

14 Jan 2020


Two marches/traffic advisories and one day of service this weekend

How do we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend? Well, we serve and parade and march in protest of the status quo, of course. Alas, the right to peacefully assemble brings some traffic snarls, so be advised and perhaps ditch the car this weekend. Plan accordingly, astrology fans: One event is during Capricorn season (#goals), […]

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