17 Apr 2024


Hill Buzz

Gorgeous dogwood blossoms by @smheffern via our #thehillishome hashtag on Instagram. We’ll try to find it, we promise.

It’s mid-April and I continue to be in disbelief that the year has gone by this quickly. What’s been going on?

Credit card skimmers have turned up at several grocery stores in the region ––among them, the Harris Teeter in Navy Yard. If the card reader looks a little too shiny, caveat emptor! NBC-4

Probably one of the coolest houses on the Hill–– almost literally. Urban Turf

The violence wave that crested in 2023 seems to be tapering off–– but a shooting in Carver Langston that wounded two children and also involved a car chase through Hill East seems like a harbinger of more conflict. But as the Washington Post article states, some areas of DC, such as this one, are no strangers to violent acts.

The aerial structures around Stadium-Armory Metro station will get some work done this weekend (April 20-21), so you can expect shuttle buses out of the station this coming weekend. WMATA press release

We may be losing fondue but we’re gaining the most DC of all restaurants: a steakhouse. Washingtonian

In incredibly exciting news, Bammy’s is back (OXTAILSSSSSS). Eater DC

The Mayor’s office defended the Mayoral visit to the Masters’ Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia, this past weekend. WUSA-9

Meanwhile, the Circulator is very much on the chopping block and we may see the bright red buses disappear by March of 2025. Washington Post

And most schools will lose at least one staff member next year, with Ward 7 and 8 schools standing to lose the most combined staff. Washington Post

A sweet nod to Mott’s Market in this WTOP piece about investing in real estate and generational wealth.

Is it fair to want to preserve old buildings at the expense of progress and access for all? Is it fair to destroy history to build cheaper and less inspired new buildings? Washingtonian takes a look at the proposed newest historic district in the, uh, District, and frankly, the answers are a little fuzzy for us from the heart of our historic district.

How do you feel about “Porch Pirates”–– or the people who steal parcels from others’ front steps? The Washington Post takes a look at the sting operations, the harsher penalties, especially for repeat offenders, and whether this crime of opportunity is worth punishing to the fullest extent of the law.

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