14 May 2020

Volunteering & Giving:

Flutterize your home for a good cause

Over on Instagram, I started seeing local artist and Capitol Hill resident Christine Vineyard’s takes on local façades back in early April. It was her take on Austin Graff‘s photo of Capital Fringe– its bold, orange THIS IS NOT NORMAL, set against the royal blue– that caught my eye most. I liked Austin’s photo very […]

08 May 2020


#SocialDistancing and Mother’s Day…?

Every year, I wait until the last possible minute to put something together for Mother’s Day. I am a mother and I live with my mother, but unless we somehow coordinate with one another to figure out what to do, no one else in this house is going to take the initiative. Look, it’s a […]

21 Apr 2020


Looking for a CSA? Deep Roots Farm is coming to H Street FreshFARM markets

In these weird, uncertain days, we are cooking and eating from home a lot more. Many families are turning to community-supported agriculture or CSA as a way to obtain fresh, in-season vegetables and fruit while supporting farmers and the local community. You agree to buy a share in the farm’s production and this stability allows […]

17 Apr 2020

Volunteering & Giving:

#SocialDistancing and Caring: Fundraisers and Charitable Giving

Thanks to all of your sharing and talking via social media– especially Twitter and Instagram– I’ve been asked more than once how people can help others during this time of need, specifically on the Hill. This will be a frequently updated list. I know I missed things– shoot me an email at Maria@thehillishome.com and I’ll […]

25 Mar 2020


#SocialDistancing and Worship: Where can you do it?

As promised, here is a list to several houses of worship around the Hill. As a reminder, gatherings of 10 people or more are strictly prohibited during this time, but you can still participate in your worshipful life via online services. Looking for a full list of churches on the Hill and surrounding areas? Click […]

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