17 May 2018


To Do: Weekend of May 17th – 20th

I know you are all busy looking to fill out your Capitol Hill Bingo cards! Best of luck to all of you players! What else should we do as we are on the lookout for adults in onesies pushing dogs in strollers? Tonight is a Pay-What-You-Can preview of We Happy Few’s production of Pericles. Shakespeare’s […]

10 May 2018


To Do: Weekend of May 10th – 13th

Warning! It is Mother’s Day this weekend and if you are reading this and have not yet gotten a card, ordered flowers or made a reservation for Sunday, stop right now and make that happen. (Psst: Do you subscribe to our newsletter? We sent you a great list of Mother’s Day suggestions from us and […]

03 May 2018


To Do: Weekend of May 3-6

This weekend we can choose to observe a few holidays or non-holidays depending on your POV. Friday is a day to observe a silly yet harmless Star Wars pun on social media. If you don’t know what I am talking about, I am jealous. Saturday is NOT Mexico’s Independence day but a celebration of Mexican […]

26 Apr 2018


To Do: Weekend of April 26th – 29th

We reached the end of another April and T.S. Elliot was right on when he called it the cruelest month. I did not grasp that in college but this year really proved that unhappy poet’s point. How do we celebrate the end of cruel April? Tonight is another opportunity to get your probiotics with Craft […]

19 Apr 2018


To Do: Weekend of April 19th – 22nd

Did anyone manage to get tickets to the Iñárritu exhibit when they were made available this past Monday? I tried but it was booked up by 8:15. On the one hand, it is genuinely thrilling to be a member of such a culturally aware community; but keeping up with the cool kids requires a calendar of […]

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