25 Apr 2024


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Who’s a good girl? Dolly Madison the doggy, that’s who! Hope you’re being good out there. Tag us on Instagram ok?

Hope you’re able to be okay in between bouts of sneezing, sniffling and weepy, sludgy eyes. Ah, spring!

In incredibly sad news for me personally but, judging by the outpouring of love and affection online, for everyone in the neighborhood as well, Radici will be closing their doors this Sunday, April 28 after almost 10 years in business. Click here to read their farewell announcement on Instagram and Ex-Twitter.

Proving that you can make the same mistake over and over and over and over again, the National Park Service will be closing the center rectangle at Lincoln Park from May 3 to July 8 and reseeding the sad center patch of grass at Lincoln Park so it can be a beautiful shade of green for about fifteen minutes. Then, thanks to a combination of neglect and unleashed dogs, it will turn to dirt and stay that way until the next reseeding. Ah, the circle of life! How much money do they spend doing this? National Park Service

So, even if you didn’t know what a Foxtrot was before Tuesday, by Wednesday you certainly knew that Foxtrot markets announced their closure AS WORKERS WERE GEARING UP FOR THEIR DAY. The stores never did much for me or my family (“they sucked,” my younger son texted me when I shared the news), but there were many fans out there and we’re sorry for your loss (see Instagram). Still don’t know what happened with Foxtrot? This piece from Modern Retail explains how the company got a little too big for its little fox pants.

And Captain Cookie will also be leaving us. What is actually going on, people? Why is the universe doing this? Capitol Hill Corner

We’d been following Ledo’s on H Street NE with some trepidation– are they open? Closed? Not on the website? But apparently, they’ve just reopened under new management (and they are back on the Ledo’s website). Whew. Popville

There’s been an uptick in gun violence around the 1600-1700 blocks of Independence Avenue SE and this past Monday, there was an arrest in the latest incident. Hill Rag

Saying goodbye to Sospeso was a lot more bitter than sweet. Washington Post

And Swizzler said goodbye to their liquor license. Now you can *just* get delicious burgers and fries (but no beer) at the Navy Yard restaurant. You know, it might just work. Washington Business Journal

The Wydown’s employees move to unionize. WCP

Be ready to prove you bought your stuff at the Harris Teeter. DC News Now

Hey! Portable toilets are coming to several locations around DC! Exciting! WUSA-9

Ward 8 residents are not happy with the end to the Circulator. Washington Informer

But overall, the WMATA budget went well and we won’t lose service. Prices are going up about $0.25. Councilmember Charles Allen

Amtrak may be able to take control of Union Station soon. Amtrak was trying to negotiate with Ashkenazy, which was a firm that for many years controlled the commercial and retail section of the station. Ashkenazy was foreclosed a couple years ago and the ruling found that all that happened was within “burden of proof.” Maybe waiting for a train at Union Station won’t be nearly as cramped in the future. Washington Business Journal

The Washington Post takes a look at the Ward 7 councilmember race.

There was a Metrobus driving through a park in Navy Yard as part of a WMATA showcase on Tuesday. Even though there was no press release and no heads-up, it was fine as there were other two cars escorting the bus. WUSA-9
It was clearly planned, but it would have probably been useful to see a press release before– not after. WMATA’s GM took to Ex-Twitter and was not happy that there were some outlets spreading misinformation. It seems WMATA has not updated their press releases since March.

The Starburst intersection (15th, H, Bladensburg and Benning NE) is star-bursting with projects. Urban Turf takes a look at all of them.

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