15 Feb 2018


“We Need to Reexamine Our City’s System of Oversight”

Joe Weedon is a Ward 6 resident, parent and the Ward 6 representative to the D.C. State Board of Education.  Over the past few months, the city (at least those of us in the education world) has been captivated by the reports of and investigation into the graduation irregularities at Ballou High School and across DCPS. […]

13 Feb 2018


Hill Buzz

Say goodbye to the Safeway at 14th and D SE while you still can– last day is 3/10. Pretty sure the weekend cleaned off those shelves. Capitol Hill Corner Theodrick Joseph Jones has been charged with 15 burglaries in NE and NW. His crime spree sounds exhausting. Washington Post. The DC Council votes to pass […]

12 Feb 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: The Merry Bachelors

The history of the Hill is littered with many and varied clubs and associations. Some, like the Masons, are still with us. Others, like the Odd Fellows Club, still exist but have disappeared from the Hill. And then there was the Ugly Club, which has – probably rightly – disappeared entirely. It is probably for […]

06 Feb 2018


Hill Buzz

    The WaPo declares that Barracks Row “is on the march again,” uses a photo of 7th Street to illustrate article. The Washington Post A scholarly look at what once was Swampoodle, complete with maps. InTowner DGS Delicatessen is closing on February 11. Maybe Hill Prince or Whaley’s should start carrying pastrami sandwiches? This is a […]

05 Feb 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: The Washington Monument Cornerstone

Readers of my posts will remember that the workers at the Navy Yard are not always focused on just Navy work, but occasionally stray into other fields of endeavor. One of those relates to one of Washington’s most iconic monuments. On June 6, 1848, the work on the foundation of the Washington Monument had proceeded […]

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