29 Dec 2016

Things We Take For Granted:

Dear THIH: Is That The National Anthem or Am I Going Nuts?

Update, 1/03/17: ANC 6D commissioner Meredith Fascett tweeted us the following: “Washington Navy Yard just told ANC 6D that a tech refresh likely raised anthem volume. They’ve now readjusted it.” Thank you, Meredith! This solves our local mystery, but doesn’t totally address the city-wide hymn shenanigans. On Saturday December 24, most of us noticed it: Right at […]

16 Sep 2016

Things We Take For Granted:

What Makes Good Neighbors?

I considered starting this post with a huge platitude: That DC is changing. Yes, of course. The gap-toothed smiles of the city have gone and gotten themselves some very deep and expensive root canals and new porcelain teeth. The few salvageable teeth have been worked extensively and are barely recognizable in some places, and no […]

22 Jul 2016

Things We Take For Granted:

The People of DC

We love interacting with our readers via social media. Whether you share them through Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, your observations, insights, comments and unique points of view mean very much to us. Your interactions also keep us informed of comings and goings in different parts of the neighborhood, and help tell the story of why Capitol […]

08 Jul 2016

Capitol Hill:

Memorial to be Held for Ed Copenhaver, Mentor at Frager’s and in the Community

When you walk into Frager’s Hardware you can count on great service with an attitude to match. Work ethic like that doesn’t just happen. Ed Copenhaver, a former owner of Frager’s who died June 27th, was the leader up front and behind the scenes. The 73-year old long-time Hill resident modeled such helpfulness and warmth […]

18 May 2016

Things We Take For Granted:

Requiem for Some Tulips

We all appreciate the beauty of the Architect of the Capitol’s landscaping. It’s a locals’ pleasure to walk around the grounds with their perfectly manicured lawns and carefully pruned trees that mostly conform to Frederick Law Olmsted’s original plan –except for the odd flowering tree here and there. But one of the most stunning displays […]

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