18 Sep 2017


Lost Capitol Hill: The Second Baptist Church

The number and variety of churches on Capitol Hill has always been of great interest to me; particularly those that were the first to make their way to this part of the city. Today’s installment is a look at a church that was part of the Hill from the earliest days until 1957. Second Baptist […]

11 Sep 2017


Lost Capitol Hill: Bloodfield pt. 2

My look at Bloodfield last week focused on the lawlessness that prevailed there –for the simple reason that this was what the newspapers of the time reported. Occasionally, however, there were also hints of the abject poverty that afflicted those who lived there. For instance, just a few months after the piece on the tallest […]

05 Sep 2017


Lost Capitol Hill: Resurrecting Washington

As a tour guide in this city, there are stories that I tend to tell a lot: The stories of the building of the monuments and buildings; the burning of Washington; how Arlington Cemetery came to be; etc, etc. There are some stories that I don’t get a chance to tell that often, mainly because […]

28 Aug 2017


Lost Capitol Hill: Bloodfield

I will be straying off the Hill proper today – just a little bit – for a story that promises gore and depredation in large quantities. It is the history of a small neighborhood just across South Capitol Street from Capitol Hill, with the evocative name of Bloodfield. The earliest mentions of Bloodfield come in […]

21 Aug 2017


Lost Capitol Hill: Charles R. Pickford

I have spent the last two weeks talking about Pickford Place, and one of the Pickford brothers who gave it its name. Today, we will look at the other Pickford brother, and his sad demise. Charles R. Pickford was, like his brother, born in Canada, and later moved to the United States, eventually settling in […]

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