22 May 2017


Lost Capitol Hill: Henry and Sylvia Wilson

Last week, we looked at the aftermath of a raid on a young enslaved African-American. Despite having almost bought himself free, he was taken away from Mrs. Sprigg’s boarding house and sold. Joshua Giddings, Abraham Lincoln’s messmate at Mrs. Sprigg’s, attempted to rescue the young man from a slave pen, but was thwarted because Henry Wilson had […]

15 May 2017


Lost Capitol Hill: Slave Traders in the Hill

Last week, I was running out of time, so I simply put up a rerun with a tiny bit of research to add a little more detail. While doing so, I stumbled onto information that I dearly wish I had known when I wrote my book on the D.C. Emancipation Act. When Abraham Lincoln moved to […]

08 May 2017


Lost Capitol Hill: Duff Green’s Row

In trying to look at all the places that Abraham Lincoln lived and worked in Washington D.C. over the years, it becomes clear how much the city has changed over the last 150 years. It’s also clear how much of it has been torn down and replaced. Today, we’ll look (again) at the place he […]

01 May 2017


Lost Capitol Hill: A Model Monitor

I have previously written about James Buchanan’s inaugural parade and the model ship built by the men at the Washington Navy Yard for that occasion. This was, it turns out, not the only time they were engaged in a project of this nature. While Lincoln’s first inauguration was a fairly anxiety-riddled affair, with war in […]

24 Apr 2017


Lost Capitol Hill: The Ugly Club

It seems unlikely, but there was – for a time – a club on Capitol Hill named the Ugly Club. It flourished for a few years – in a couple of incarnations – before the Civil War. After that, it disappeared again. The original Ugly Clubs were formed in Great Britain in the 18th Century, as […]

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