10 Jul 2017


Lost Capitol Hill: The Short, Unhappy Life of William M. Steele

Last week, we looked at the origins of Pipetown and the rather bizarre noise complaint that brought a number of its citizens into conflict with the law and into the court of Judge Ivory Kimball (pic). Unfortunately, this was not the end of court appearances for one of those fined on that occasion. William Steele went […]

03 Jul 2017


Lost Capitol Hill: Pipetown

A few weeks ago, we looked at the location used by the 50th New York Engineers during the Civil War. Today, we will look at the continuing history of this part of Capitol Hill. Almost immediately after the sale of the leftover buildings of the Engineer Camp, the land thus freed up started to be built up. […]

26 Jun 2017


Lost Capitol Hill: The Shotgun House on E Street

Most of us on the Hill have noticed the shotgun house that, for many years, stood at 1229 E Street SE, across from the Watkins field. Boarded-up windows and peeling siding showed that its best years were long gone. When the property – including the large open area fronting Pennsylvania Avenue behind it – were […]

19 Jun 2017


Lost Capitol Hill: John Surratt Trial Juror George A. Bohrer

Once again, research on one subject has brought me back to one I looked at many years ago, in fact, one that was part of my first book. While the connection of my house to Mr. George A. Bohrer was fairly tenuous – he was married to the owner of the property on which it was […]

12 Jun 2017


Lost Capitol Hill: The 50th NY Engineers

In today’s post, we return to the Civil War and to a unit that was stationed on Capitol Hill on and off throughout the conflict. Over the next few weeks, we will look at what happened with the land on which they were stationed. With the outbreak of the Civil War, regiments were raised all […]

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