21 Feb 2017

Capitol Hill:

Pieces of DC History: National Capital Brewing Company

A reader sent us a picture of this awesome lithographed 1901 calendar from the National Capital Brewing Company of Washington DC. Robert wrote about the brewing company way back in 2009 (wow, time has flown!). Now there is a push by enthusiastic fans to bring it back. As explained by the founder and CEO, “The […]

30 Jan 2017


Lost Capitol Hill: George Brainard Todd, MD

Continuing on with my fascination with Hill connections to the Lincoln assassination, I recently came across what is essentially a footnote to a previous article on the Booth autopsy. It turns out that one of the surgeons assisting in the autopsy had a much closer connection to the assassination than I would have expected. He was […]

23 Jan 2017


Lost Capitol Hill: John W. Westfall, pt. II

Two weeks ago, I wrote about John Westfall and how he saved Abraham Lincoln’s life during the latter’s second inauguration, and how Westfall was promoted to Lieutenant due to his actions. Today, we’ll look at the –remarkably tame– aftermath of this remarkable story. For the next ten years, Westfall remained a Lieutenant in the Capitol police. […]

16 Jan 2017


New on Capitol Hill: The 700 block of C St SE

Coming back from the Southeast Library on Friday, I noticed that the workers at the Hine development were removing the barriers keeping us from the sidewalk in front of the north building of that construction: The sidewalk was open again. I tweeted about it, mentioning that it was the first time that it had been […]

21 Nov 2016


Lost Capitol Hill: Samuel Colt and the Styx

Last week, I wrote about Samuel Colt and his destruction of a ship in the harbor of New York, without ever referring to Capitol Hill. Today, I tell the second half of the tale, and how it does, indeed, relate to our neighborhood. Having proved the concept of his mines, it was now time for […]

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