13 Nov 2017


Lost Capitol Hill: The RL Christian Library

The changes on H Street are coming so quickly at this point that every time I drive by, it seems as if major changes have happened again. Therefore, it behooves us to look at some of the pieces that have disappeared recently. (Also, I begged Robert to do some research.–MHC) In the early 1970s, at […]

06 Nov 2017


Lost Capitol Hill: A Street Railway for D.C.

Last week, we looked at several abortive attempts to build a street railway from the Navy Yard to Georgetown. Today, we will look at the eventual successful bill and how it was implemented. On January 20, 1862, John Hovey Rice, (pic) Representative from Maine, introduced a bill “to incorporate the Washington and Georgetown railroad,” according […]

30 Oct 2017


Lost Capitol Hill: Getting the Street Railway Started

With the extension of the H Street streetcar line now looking more likely again, and with people pontificating – as usual – about the unacceptable amount of time it has taken to get to this point, it seems appropriate to look at the past and see whether there are any parallels to be found there. […]

23 Oct 2017


Lost Capitol Hill: Thomas Jefferson’s Markings

I recently found myself reading an 1842 guide to Washington D.C., written by none other than George Watterston (pic), one of my personal favorite Capitol Hill characters. I turned, as always, to the parts describing the Hill, and found my way to the description of the Library of Congress. After a description of the room, […]

16 Oct 2017


Lost Capitol Hill: John Wilkes Booth Leaves the Hill

I have written of the connections between John Wilkes Booth and Capitol Hill a few times before. Today, I want to look at the coda of the whole affair. After the death of Lincoln’s assassin, one of the uppermost thoughts of those in charge of his body was that neither it nor any part of it be […]

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