13 Nov 2023


Lost Capitol Hill: 150 Years of Eastern Market

This weekend marked the 150th anniversary of Eastern Market, and of course this was duly celebrated. All weekend, the North Hall was open and there was the opportunity to play large-scale games in the center, while around the outside, there were cooking demonstrations and even the chance to have your silhouette rendered in cut paper. […]

23 May 2023


Lost Capitol Hill: James Wilson and William Nokes

Whenever I am at a loss for a subject to write about, I go back to my store of articles about the Washington Navy Yard to find something that happened there worth delving more deeply into. I have frequently written about accidents that happened there; it was far from a safe workplace in its early […]

10 Apr 2023


Lost Capitol Hill: Adolf Cluss’s Trip North

I recently gave a talk about the history of Eastern Market in its North Hall. Sadly, I was not able to cover everything I wanted to talk about, for the simple reason that I had 45 minutes, not several hours. So, herewith, another detail of the story of the market, and how its architect went […]

29 Aug 2022


Lost Capitol Hill: Ignatius Tamorria’s Stores

Legal guns are, by design, difficult to acquire in Washington D.C. This has been the case for quite some time, and in spite of some liberalization since the Heller decision, not that much seems to have changed. It was therefore somewhat surprising to discover that there used to be a gun store just two blocks […]

22 Feb 2022


Lost Capitol Hill: Henry and Sylvia Wilson

Five years ago, we looked at the aftermath of a raid on Henry Wilson, a young enslaved African-American. Despite having almost bought himself free, he was taken away from Mrs. Sprigg’s boarding house and sold. Joshua Giddings, Abraham Lincoln’s messmate at Mrs. Sprigg’s, attempted to rescue the young man from a slave pen, but was thwarted […]

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