22 Oct 2018

Election 2018:

Early Voting Starts Today!

The DC flag. Photo by María Helena Carey, via Instagram.

Good morning! As you may be aware, early voting starts today. You can find more information about early voting by clicking here.

Over the course of last week, we asked ANC commissioners –both those seeking re-election and those in the running– to send us candidate statements. You can read statements from the following candidates by clicking on the names in the list below. This is an alphabetical list:

Tamara Blair, ANC 7D01

Jason Burkett, ANC 5D06

Alan Chargin, ANC 6A05

Anthony Dale, ANC 6D05

Edward Daniels, ANC 6D07

Robb Dooling, ANC 6C06

Chad M. Ernst, ANC 6C05

Gail Fast, ANC 6D01

Anna Forgie, ANC 6D02

Amber Gove, ANC 6A04

Christine Healey, ANC 6C01

Corey Holman, ANC 6B06

Meredith Holmgren, ANC 7D01

Steve Holtzman, ANC 6B05

Ruth Ann Hudson, ANC 6A05

Joel Kelty, ANC 6C05

Denise Krepp, ANC 6B10

Taylor Kuether, ANC 6B05

Ryan Linehan, ANC 5D01

Brant Miller, ANC 6D07

Roger Moffatt, ANC 6D05

Mike Soderman, ANC 6A03

Ramin Taheri, ANC 6A03

We also recommend that you go to Greater Greater Washington to read more about the candidates. As you may know, GGW draws up a questionnaire for candidates to fill out. You can find those answers here.

Did we miss your statement? Send us a line at info@thehillishome.com and we are happy to amend this original list.


If you’d like to listen to our conversations with the candidates for Ward 6 councilmember, you can click here: Charles Allen, Michael Bekesha

If you’d like to listen to our conversations with the candidates for Ward 6 representative to the DCSBOE, you can click here: Joe Weedon, Jessica Sutter


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