23 Oct 2018

Election 2018:

ANC Candidate Statements: Alan Chargin, ANC 6A05

Photo courtesy of Alan Chargin

The Hill is Home is sharing the statements of ANC candidates in our general region. Although the main focus of our blog is Capitol Hill –served by ANCs 6A through 6C– we feel that a community is made stronger by the neighbors with whom we share a close geographical area. We are honored to share candidate statements from neighbors from Ivy City to Navy Yard, with minor style edits. To all of you who are running: Thank you. –Maria Helena Carey and Kate McFadden

My name is Alan Chargin and I am running to represent 6A05, the area from 10th to 15th Streets NE and C Street NE to E Street NE. I have lived on Capitol Hill for 5 years, worked for a Member of Congress, managed a Capitol Hill restaurant and now work for a local real estate company. I’ve been inspired by the ANC commissioners I have encountered during my time on the Hill and I have been encouraged by the level of activism and engagement in our part of the city. Being a part of such an active community has encouraged me to jump right in. I’ve organized a running club as well as co-organized a monthly neighborhood trash clean up initiative, and it has always been a pleasure to get to know and work alongside my neighbors.

I believe the ANC is a very unique opportunity for DC residents to govern themselves as much as possible. If your ANC representative is active in your part of the neighborhood, keeps people informed, and gathers neighbor feedback, the ANC structure can make it far easier for DC government leaders to hear that feedback and guide their policy decisions accordingly. It also helps hold those same leaders and decision makers accountable to neighbors’ and voters’ priorities and prevents from ever turning their backs on what voters really care about.

If elected ANC, my first priority will be to ensure MPD, DPW, DDOT and other DC agencies maintain high responsiveness to our neighborhood’s needs. From the recent shootings in Capitol Hill to a fallen stop sign to a missed trash pickup, all matters large and small should be attended to quickly so that neighbors can focus on other aspects of their and their family’s lives. MPD has been quite responsive with the recent uptick in violence, but they can still do more, like an increased presence and more timely sharing of critical information with neighbors.

I would also like to create a neighborhood newsletter, something I’ve seen done effectively in other ANCs. Mainly this would serve as a monthly update of what’s happening at the ANC meetings and what events are coming up, but in situations like a violent crime or an emergency, it would be nice for residents to get key information as quickly and accurately as possible. I believe a primary duty of ANCs is to be responsive and inclusive of everyone’s feedback, so reaching out to all of my neighbors regularly would allow them ample opportunity to share their thoughts with me and better guide me to represent them.

I’ve made it my goal to knock on every door in ANC 6A05 between now and Election Day, and hopefully I’ve already made it to yours. If I haven’t, I plan to soon! You can email me anytime at alan.chargin@gmail.com with questions or feedback, it is my pleasure to hear from neighbors about what’s going on in the neighborhood and what their priorities are. If you elect me as your ANC, I will be extremely active, engaged and inclusive, so I hope I can earn your vote! Thank you for your time in researching me as a candidate and being so engaged with the voting process, it’s extremely important and I’m honored to play a small part in it.


Alan Chargin

Address: 1441 Duncan St NE

Email: alan.chargin@gmail.com

Twitter: @AlanChargin

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