13 Jan 2016


Protecting Your Pets From The Cold

Snowy dog

Photo by Holly Victoria Norval on Flickr

As he does every day, my dog ran to the front door this morning. He was looking from his leash to me, with that excited look he gets when he knows it’s time for a walk. Then my weather app reminded me that winter has been sneaking in…22 degrees!? But furball wants/needs his park time no mater the weather.

We know how to bundle up (or should…I needed better gloves on a morning like this), but how about our pets? Some dogs seem to handle the cold temperatures just fine, particularly if they have thick coats and are fairly active. But use caution and don’t leave them outside for too long. My 2-year old dog can handle a good hour of running around in this weather, but I keep him moving and take him in as soon as he shows signs of getting tired. Older dogs, short-haired dogs, and less active dogs could benefit from an extra layer in the form of a coat or sweater, along with shorter amounts of time outside. For that extra layer, local pet shops, Metro Mutts and Howl to the Chief, have a wide array to check out. And the benefit to buying it there instead of online is that you can bring your dog in with you to find the perfect size and look for him or her.

If we ever get any snow or ice, you’ll need to take precautions to protect your dog’s feel from the salt that gets put on streets and sidewalks to melt the ice. If you can’t avoid the treated sidewalks and streets completely, Metro Mutts and Howl to the Chief also carry booties that will protect dogs’ paws. If paws are already showing signs of irritation from the salt, try some paw balm from either store. And just as your lips get dry and chapped in the winter, your dog’s nose can suffer as well. For that, pick up some Snout Stick.

What is your favorite winter gear for your pets?

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