23 Jan 2016

Capitol Hill:

Found Capitol Hill: Snow!

Capitol Hill shut down again, leaving its residents to frolic in the snow. Below, some pictures from the first two days of the snowstorm some call…Snowzilla:

13 Jan 2016


Protecting Your Pets From The Cold

As he does every day, my dog ran to the front door this morning. He was looking from his leash to me, with that excited look he gets when he knows it’s time for a walk. Then my weather app reminded me that winter has been sneaking in…22 degrees!? But furball wants/needs his park time […]

11 Jan 2016


How To Help Your Home Survive The Cold

We’ve had quite the mild winter…so far. But it’s still early January and Old Man Winter is clearly still trying to make a fashionably late entrance. Now is the time to prepare for when the temps stay around –or below– freezing for long stretches of days. If you don’t you may just get to discover the […]

18 Dec 2015


Join the Citizen Snow Team This Winter

Do you want to be part of the DC Citizen Snow Team? There is a happy hour orientation at Ping Pong Dim Sum TONIGHT, December 18th. You can sign up by clicking this link.  Although the need for citizen volunteers to help clear snow is most dire in Wards 4, 7 and 8, it snows in ALL wards, so you […]

18 Feb 2015


#SnowDay on the Hill: Photos and Cautionary Tales

Hey everyone! How did it go on your #SnowDay? Did you get to pad around in your jammies until noon, drink your weight in hot cocoa and get kicked off Capitol Hill for sledding in a menacing way? Yeah, us either. But some of you guys did, and you shared your photos with us, AND […]

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