07 Nov 2019

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Hypothermia Season begins: How can you help?

When the temperature drops below freezing, vulnerable populations –such as people who live on the streets– are at high risk of dying of hypothermia. Hypothermia happens when your body loses heat much faster than it can produce it, making your body temperature dip well below the average of 98.6 degrees. Hypothermia causes clumsiness, confusion and […]

13 Jan 2016


What to do When Someone is Out in the Cold

Good morning and BRR! Overnight a bone-chilling wind set in and everyone seems cranky and annoyed this morning –except for the winter lovers. You guys can finally tell us all about how much you LOVE the windchill now! Go on, gloat. We can whine and moan because we have our basic needs covered –shelter, food, warmth, […]

13 Jan 2016


Protecting Your Pets From The Cold

As he does every day, my dog ran to the front door this morning. He was looking from his leash to me, with that excited look he gets when he knows it’s time for a walk. Then my weather app reminded me that winter has been sneaking in…22 degrees!? But furball wants/needs his park time […]

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