05 Sep 2012

Favorite Bar on the Hill: H Street PART ONE

First off, congratulations to long-time favorite and hands-down Eastern Market/Barracks Row winner, Tunnicliff’s Tavern! From weekend sports to school fundraisers, from Happy Hour comfort to brunch, 222 7th Street is your favorite bar in the heart of the neighborhood, although Barracks Row mainstay and gateway to Nationals Park jitney service The Ugly Mug gave Tunni’s a run for its money.

Before any of you get very miffed about how I have completely overlooked about half the bars or restaurant/bars on H Street, NE, be ye warned: your math is good but your reasoning needs work. H Street is the most bar-heavy part of the neighborhood, and to put them all in one poll would make the election process that much more difficult.

So in short, here is the latest poll: H Street part one: the eastern end. If you want to catch-up with past installments, click here. And as always, if you have an opinion or if we somehow missed your favorite watering hole, do leave us a comment: you are just an easy, breezy easy-peasy Disqus sign-up to join the fun!

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2 responses to “Favorite Bar on the Hill: H Street PART ONE”

  1. heyktb says:

    where’s the queen vic?

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