25 May 2017

To Do:

To Do: Weekend of May 25th – May 28th

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us. Are you leaving town? My whole body physically craves some sand, sun and sea but I don’t know if that will happen for this lady. If you are stuck here with me let’s make the most of it, shall we? Tonight, the pop-up women’s wear shop Femme Fatale hosts Miss […]

04 May 2017


To Do: Weekend of May 4th – 7th

Today is some kind of nerd holiday based on a sci fi pun. I support all reasons to celebrate and if it includes costuming all the better. I hope Carrie Fisher is smiling from the great beyond. Tonight check out the H Street pop up by Femme Fatale a collective of women owned local businesses. Shop […]

01 May 2017


Margarita Week is Coming, May 1-5!

Nothing (that’s right: NOTHING) says “May is here!” quite like the smell of tequila, triple-sec, lime juice and salt coming together to make the masterpiece we know by its adorable name, the Margarita. Okay, maybe Justin Timberlake memes do, but you cannot drink those. Help our district usher in that fairest of months with Margarita Week, a weeklong […]

27 Apr 2017


To Do: Weekend of April 27th – 30th

Good day! I simply cannot believe April is nearly over. It seems like the eponymous showers have abated, so go have the best weekend ever. If you need ideas here are a few. Tonight is a Pay-What-You-Can preview of Rorschach Theatre company’s Forgotten Kingdoms, a story about an American family missionary family in Indonesia set […]

20 Apr 2017

To Do:

To Do: Weekend of April 20-23

What has this week taught us? Apart from the fact that everyone is allergic to some aspect of spring, we have learned that when people are unhappy en masse, crazy-but-true headlines happen and they happen again–though, apparently, not in threes. Anyway, how can we forget all this crap and relax this week, you ask? Here are a […]

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