10 May 2015


Celebrate Our #BarMadness15 Winner TOMORROW 5/11

Hey everyone! Did you celebrate or honor the mom in your life appropriately? Good! Now that you’ve done your duty, let’s focus on FUN. Remember how back in March and April we held a little contest called #BARMADNESS15? Remember how much fun it was? Remember who won? That’s right! LITTLE MISS WHISKEY’S GOLDEN DOLLAR WON! […]

09 Apr 2015


And Your #BarMadness15 Winner is……

Capitol Hill: you have voted in amazing numbers and have decided by a landslide that Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar is your #BarMadness15 WINNER! It was a tough road to the top, but throughout the contest, Little Miss Whiskey’s managed to stay on top beating formidable foes with comfortable margins: first it was Bistro Cacao, […]

03 Apr 2015


#BarMadness15: The Foamy Four!

This is the part of the tournament where things get exciting and cruel, all in the same tourney: where fortunes are lost and fortunes are made. Where dreamers dare to dream, despite the staggering odds, and where legends are made. A collective breath held, a gasp– a ringing cry in the dark. Follow me as […]

30 Mar 2015


#BarMadness15: The Enthusiastic Eight!

Yep: the Enthusiastic Eight, everyone! Drink them in. The hardest part of this stage was coming up with something that could alliterate/assonate? well with the letter E, so it was decided that Enthusiastic would do nicely. Because, my goodness! You are all very enthusiastic about your favorites, and we could not be happier. All of […]

27 Mar 2015


#BarMadness15: Introducing the Sudsy Sixteen

Hey everyone, and happy Friday! You have voted and retweeted us, and shown amazing support for your favorite bar – or your favorite bar that made it into the original 64 at any rate. We realize that if it didn’t, we are kind of dead to you. The field has officially narrowed again and above, […]

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