25 Feb 2011

In the Rearview – February on THIH and Beyond

Yes flag, we're tired too. Uploaded to flickr.com by Madame Meow

It’s been quite a month on the Hill and in our fair city.  Our children have had not one week of school without a delay or day off due to holiday, snowfall, rainfall, wind, locusts, or cicadas.  The high winds toppled the National Christmas Tree on the Ellipse, creating the National Mulch Pile.  We had at least one day of temperatures above 70 degrees, prematurely bringing out shorts, flip flops, and ghostly pale legs.  I suppose weather in the winter is always the topic of conversation because it has the potential to rule how we go about our lives.  Really, does the one inch of snow we may not get have to preempt EVERYTHING else on the news?  But I digress.

My fellow Hilleans, what have we learned this month?

We’ve learned that Tim’s feathers get ruffled not just by the meager showing from Old Man Winter this year but also the DCPS response to a dusting of ice and snow overnight earlier this week.  Apparently many of our gentle readers agreed.

We learned our readers believe their plan for streetcar routing is better than the city’s plan.  I for one am waiting for that futuristic monorail to be installed on an elevated track above East Capitol Street.

We learned that H Street really does care, at least when great deals on dining are concerned.  Last week’s Deals for Deeds week-long fundraiser for Brainfood yielded over $5,000 for the organization.  Way to go, coupon grabbers.

We learned that understanding how to read an automobile lease agreement is not a prerequisite for running for City Council Chair.  Courtesy of Mr. Chairman, we also learned how to successfully dig a hole you cannot climb out of.

We also learned that drama continues among City Council members when it comes to the free tickets to Verizon Center events they are supposed to receive.  Apparently tickets have been slow to disperse to Council members, with Jim Graham questioning where his tickets to the Lady Gaga concert were.  Sorry Tommy, you may get stuck with Disney Stars on Ice.  Again.

We learned that talking sex, even in jest, is not for the faint of Hill.  While some questioned our guest writer’s intentions, the post on S-E-X on the Hill at least got people talking about the verboten topic.  Did it perturb because it offended, or because it struck a truthful chord with busy Hill folks?

Thankfully we have all of March to look forward to now, with its warmer temperatures (quick alert Fox 5!) and lack of federal holidays there is surely much we will discuss.

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2 responses to “In the Rearview – February on THIH and Beyond”

  1. anon says:

    4 comments counts as perturbed? I thought it was a little boring. But, it’s not like you all are paid, if that’s what you want to talk about go for it.

  2. RDH says:

    The sex post wasn’t really offensive – just stupid and out of place. People come to this site to learn/talk about issues going on in their neighborhood; not some random contributor’s speculation on people’s personal lives.

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