07 Nov 2019

Volunteering & Giving:

Hypothermia Season begins: How can you help?

When the temperature drops below freezing, vulnerable populations –such as people who live on the streets– are at high risk of dying of hypothermia. Hypothermia happens when your body loses heat much faster than it can produce it, making your body temperature dip well below the average of 98.6 degrees. Hypothermia causes clumsiness, confusion and […]

16 Jan 2019


Snow Pups + Snow Kids +Snow FUN! (Part 2)

Hello again! You tagged us in so many wonderful photos over on Instagram, we had to share as many as we could on here. I hope you enjoy looking at your friends and neighbors as much as I enjoyed seeing them and putting them here for all of you to see. These are tough times […]

22 Feb 2018


Hill’s Eye View

Do you think if I post a photo from Snowpocalypse we might get more than a sprinkling before the end of the month? Fingers crossed!

01 Feb 2016


Icebergs on the Hill

Happy February, Capitol Hill! It’s been a longish week since we were all buried in A LOT of snow, and the city’s response to the initial blizzard was spot on. Mayor Bowser’s administration was responsive and played it safe, making timely announcements and rolling up the city so the largest number of people could be safe […]

23 Jan 2016

Capitol Hill:

Found Capitol Hill: Snow!

Capitol Hill shut down again, leaving its residents to frolic in the snow. Below, some pictures from the first two days of the snowstorm some call…Snowzilla:

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