27 Nov 2018

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Hypothermia Alert Season: How You Can Help

When the temperature drops below freezing, vulnerable populations –such as people who live on the streets– are at high risk of dying of hypothermia. Hypothermia happens when your body loses heat much faster than it can produce it, making your body temperature dip well below the average of 98.6 degrees. Hypothermia causes clumsiness, confusion and […]

12 Sep 2018


Quick Tips to Protect Your Home From Hurricane Florence

Thank you to Fulcrum Properties Group for sharing this great information with our readers. A version of this post appeared on their blog.  Hurricane Florence is expected to make landfall Thursday night as a Category 4 storm. Our area is expected to see high winds and a lot of rain. We’ve already seen much more rain this […]

08 Apr 2014

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Prepare for Summer with Sila Heating & Air Conditioning

It’s about that time! The warm weather is coming, slowly but surely! Sila Heating and Air Conditioning has helped many owners on the hill with cooling their older homes, and this year we want to help you! What is High Velocity? It is a central air conditioning solution designed to serve older homes that don’t […]

05 Mar 2013

Betting Odds: Preparing for #SnowQuester

Yes, our latest storm, due to “paste” us sometime tomorrow, according to the Capital Weather Gang, already has a name. A name that tickles the fancies of some, and rubs others the wrong way, but a name which will live in hashtag infamy nonetheless. A name that has come with at least one exhaustive etymological […]

31 May 2011

In the Rearview – May on THIH and Beyond

What a month.  We went from celebrating spring to hatred and name-calling, and that was just among the City Council members.  May has been a pretty exciting month for us Hill residents.  I’ll cut right to it and save the rants about the weather (though it is a bit muggy these days, no?). What did […]

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