28 Dec 2011

In the Reariew – 2011 in Dining on the Hill

What an eventful year on Capitol Hill – and I’m not even talking about the warped and wishy-washy politics that went on in the big white domed building.  We here at The Hill Is Home attempted to bring you timely coverage of our neighborhood politics, cultural events, developing stories and (probably more than anything else) […]

30 Sep 2011

In the Rearview: September on THIH and Beyond

Has anyone else felt like climbing into a clothes dryer this month?  With over ten inches of rain we’ve endured one of the soggiest Septembers on record.  Perhaps that means we are in for a wonderful October, with autumn now officially here and the promise of cooler temperatures and picturesque foliage.  We can hope at […]

28 Jul 2011

In the Rearview: July on THIH and Beyond

Are we in the dog days of summer?  The temperatures would indicate so much, but my dog doesn’t seem to want to be outdoors much when it’s this hot so perhaps it’s not my dog’s days of summer.  He does enjoy the kiddie pool full of water though. But I digress.  It’s been a hot, […]

30 Jun 2011

In the Rearview – June on THIH and Beyond

We made it! The world didn’t end in May, the school year has ended, and the H Street sidewalks are completed (I hope). June has been a busy month on the Hill.  There have been lots of great events and lots of preparatory work for new buildings and businesses set to open any day now […]

31 May 2011

In the Rearview – May on THIH and Beyond

What a month.  We went from celebrating spring to hatred and name-calling, and that was just among the City Council members.  May has been a pretty exciting month for us Hill residents.  I’ll cut right to it and save the rants about the weather (though it is a bit muggy these days, no?). What did […]

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