04 May 2017


To Do: Weekend of May 4th – 7th

Today is some kind of nerd holiday based on a sci fi pun. I support all reasons to celebrate and if it includes costuming all the better. I hope Carrie Fisher is smiling from the great beyond. Tonight check out the┬áH Street pop up by Femme Fatale a collective of women owned local businesses. Shop […]

16 Mar 2017


To Do: Weekend of March 16th – 19th

I’m not sure what you’ll be doing this weekend but you’ll find me wandering the aisles of the new H Street Whole Foods clutching my bags of vegan pork rinds and selecting treats from the mochi bar while sipping a local beer. How about you? Tonight at the Hill Center, Washington National Opera company member […]

09 Mar 2017


To Do: Weekend of March 9th – 12th

You guys: It may actually snow this weekend, just when we had finally given up all hope and moved on from harboring any expectations that Old Man Winter would change his ways and show up and things would be the way they used to be. We stuffed our hygge dreams and learned to live with […]

02 Mar 2017

To Do:

To Do: Weekend of March 2nd – 5th

Greetings friends! March is in like a lion cub and we are ready for the weekend. Always. Here’s why: Tonight, learn to make your own Kombucha in the Union Market Test Kitchen. Boosters of this ancient fermented tea make a lot of health claims. It is an acquired taste, for sure, but making it is […]

19 Jan 2017


To Do: Weekend of January 19th – 22nd

Hey. S’up? Nothing much…you? Not much. Oh wait. Hundreds of thousands of people are coming to our neighborhood this weekend, so that’s cool… Many are fleeing town to avoid the hordes. But! If you are like me and sticking around, here are a few ideas on how to spend your time. Tonight, Capital Fringe kicks […]

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