17 May 2019


The Set List: Week of May 17, 2019

Hey music fans! If you’ve been around the interwebs and practically any local blog or forum in the last couple of days, you know that Dangerously Delicious Pies is having some neighborly trouble. While we believe that being good neighbors is about compromise, there’s been a disturbing trend toward newer residents demanding that places that […]

16 May 2019


Don’t Forget: Bike to Work TOMORROW!

Dear neighbors, Your bikes need you. They are sitting in your shed, or basement, or porch– or in the middle of your entryway, gathering dust and waiting for beautiful sunny May days to take you places. Isn’t it time that commuting to work became a joy? BIKE TO WORK DAY IS YOUR DAY! You can […]

09 May 2019


To Do: Weekend of May 9th – 12th

Stop reading this right now, go get your mom a card and mail it, stat. This is just a blog and that woman gave you life, so we can wait. Here’s hoping the gods of USPS are ever in your favor. What else is going on this weekend? Tonight, learn to make dosas at Union Market […]

02 May 2019


To Do: Weekend of May 2nd-5th

Now, I don’t want to jinx anything but this spring has been really quite springlike. Usually we follow a winte/rain/hot-as-hell trajectory but we have had a good dose of lovely this year and it has been delightful. Now that I have typed that, we should expect monsoons followed by drought— so enjoy it while it […]

29 Apr 2019

Sponsored Post:

Register now for the Capitol Hill Classic

Spring is here! Whether you’re finally shaking off winter, or you’re riding that Cherry Blossom high, keep putting on your running shoes! Dig them out of the closet if you need to!  There are lots of reasons to sign up for the Capitol Hill Classic on May 19 — but here are the top three: […]

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