27 Apr 2022

Building community:

Literary Hill Bookfest

It’s happening! For the first time since 2019, all your favorite Hill-based authors will be gathering in Eastern Market’s North Hall to present their work to you. And there’s lots that has happened since the last time this was the case. It will all be happening this Sunday, May 1, from 11 to 3. Forty […]

04 Apr 2022

Building community:

Saving Mott’s Market, one neighbor at a time

Walter Street is perhaps one of the more picturesque streets in DC, where every neighbor says hello. It’s exactly the right kind of environment to launch a grassroots effort to save a little market located at the western end of this street. As you may have read, Mott’s Market closed its doors exactly a month […]

02 Nov 2021

Building community:

Pumpkin Mischief? Managed

Yesterday afternoon, I received an email from reader Emily W. She’d spotted the following sign along 4th Street NE while out for a walk: The note was, in a word, heartrending. A military widow and mother of two was growing two pie pumpkins in her side yard –which is actually a small neighborhood plot in […]

08 Mar 2021

Building community:

Come out to the Capitol Fence on 3/13 #OurDC

Hey neighbors! This is David from @eat_dc and Maria from THIH. Let’s talk about the fence for a moment. The four miles of barbed wire fence around the Capitol complex have cut off our access to open spaces and essential roads through the city. These are areas where we play, relax, walk our dogs, enjoy […]

04 Mar 2021

Building community:

March 22: Line the Capitol Fence for DC Statehood!

Do you want to bring awareness of the Statehood fight while also bringing awareness of just how annoying the Capitol fence is? Friend of the blog Andria Thomas sent this my way on behalf of Show Up For DC. Pencil in a week from today, Thursday, March 22. Read below and SHARE FAR AND WIDE! […]

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