12 Nov 2019

Hill Buzz

Hope you remembered your umbrella and your rubber boots this morning, everyone! Grab yourself a cup of something nice and warm and let’s spend some quality time reading, shall we?

Picture-perfect fall vibes by @jennrightmeow, via our Instagram hashtag #thehillishome

First things first, the Brickie Awards are happening on Thursday, December 5 at the new DC Water headquarters, so mark that on your calendar and RSVP. The Brickies are a heartwarming annual celebration of our neighbors and you are all invited to nominate a person, business or group that makes living in ward 6 even better. You can nominate recipients by clicking the link here.

Speaking of livable and walkable neighborhoods, CityLab explores the tangled mess of RFK, its surrounding lands, and why it is that no one can seem to commit to a specific plan for the soon-to-be-demolished stadium. (These RFK pieces take an emotional toll, don’t they?)

On the occasion of Veterans Day, Center Military remembered the legacy of Leonard Maltovich with a wreath-laying ceremony at Congressional Cemetery yesterday. MetroWeekly

How do you juggle an intense career with your quiet Capitol Hill life? It’s a one-day-at-a-time approach for one of our neighbors. Roll Call

JDLand looks at Tingey square, Canal Street and 2nd Street SE. Changes, changes, changes.

Are streets safer? We just finished having our deadliest year for pedestrians and we lost our friend Dave Salovesh. CityLab takes a look at the data.

Can we all just agree that the DC Council should make Jack Evans resign already? It’s all pretty egregious. DCist

$1,700 per month pays for some very small but adorable places– including one close to H Street and Stanton park, with rooftop access. Curbed

By the way, did you know that DC is the top city for public transportation? Astonishingly, it’s true– at least according to the folks at STORAGECafé, we are anyway! 35% of residents use public transportation and the headways are lower than in other cities. Whenever I see something like this, I have to wonder just how bad things are elsewhere, seriously.

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