16 Jan 2019


Snow Pups + Snow Kids +Snow FUN! (Part 2)

Cannot get enough of this dog’s face. Thank you for tagging us, @kwamer!

Hello again! You tagged us in so many wonderful photos over on Instagram, we had to share as many as we could on here. I hope you enjoy looking at your friends and neighbors as much as I enjoyed seeing them and putting them here for all of you to see. These are tough times we are all going through, and seeing the beauty that a snow day brings to everyone’s faces and hearts is something we all should cherish. Frankly, I don’t care how cheesy or cliché this sounds, but your photos have given me life, hope and even more appreciation for both snow and Capitol Hill.


(WELP! Sorry about that– looks like Instagram embed doesn’t want to work on here. Hang on!)

By @catherinevanness


By @themadamemeow


By @mikijourdan (One of several– click on the picture to scroll through!)


By @10thStreetNE– click photo to see video on Instagram!


By @jennythiel


By @louisedettman


By @carrie_charbs


By @reaching_for_fi



By @stacyjday


By @Cherry_Da_Chi (click on the image to see a tiny doggy running through the snow!)


By @primadrex




By @KatherineAltom


By @tessmcmod. A beautiful series– click and scroll!


By @philliefan99


By @austinkgraff



By @smheffern


By @lauramcsorleydc


By @gonewiththewinnie

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