02 Aug 2022

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Ten years later, CHLL U10 win the State Championship

…but this time, the Powers that Be have seen to it that DC is a state (for competitive purposes anyway) and our Capitol Hill Little Leaguers are going to Rhode Island, to represent DC in the Eastern Tournament! Make sure you read the Capitol Hill Little League write-up here so you can get game highlights.

The tournament starts August 6 and we hope the kids do really well. Although the games will not be broadcast, there will hopefully be a livestream set up and we will be sure to share it on here. Yesterday at Payne Field, the 2022 team met their winning counterpart from ten years ago. Read more about the 2012 kiddos here, written by the first baseman’s mom. The teams had a meeting, photo-op and played four innings on a beautiful, humid, breezy evening. Here are a few photos from practice, made by yours truly with wanton disregard of the flying projectiles all around me.

If you want to support CHLL on their trip to Rhode Island, you can donate via PayPal here. Congratulations to everyone! Hope seeing these photos can dull the pain of today’s Juan Soto and Josh Bell news.

CM Charles Allen, escorted by his son, Everett, addressed the players before the practice. (MHC)
The 2012 team holds a CHLL banner. They tried to recreate a photo from their big win, below. (Photos by María Helena Carey)

Absent a few players, this might be it. Or not. Photo courtesy of Jen DeMayo.
Gathering for a two-squad photo-op. (MHC)
They are number one! (MHC)
Getting instructions from the coaches before a friendly 2022-2012 four-inning game. (MHC)
Bigs and littles warming up. (MHC)
More bigs and littles warming up (MHC)
There are few cuter things than this: Neighborhood kiddos coming back to practice with the younger ones. More like this, please. (MHC)
Is there anything better than baseball in the summer? I mean, yes, but baseball (and adorable kiddos playing baseball) is up there in terms of fun things to do. (MHC)

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