12 Jun 2021


New Businesses on the Hill

While we mourn the passing of old established Hill fixtures during the pandemic, we also want to look ahead, and particularly at those brave people who opened a new business here on the Hill during this trying time. We start with The Roost, whose food hall concept has become a lure to vaccinated customers from all over. We spoke with one owner last year. (RSP)
A two-fer: Bitter Grace and Jeni’s Ice Cream. While opening an ice cream store on Capitol Hill seems a no-brainer, gotta be impressed that a new clothing store opened, too! (RSP)
We’ve already looked at My Cake Theory, but it is now fully open. (RSP)
The outdoor patio of the Duck and The Peach has been the savior of this place and has added much-needed presence on this corner. (RSP)
And finally, Moorenko’s Ice Cream. Need we say more? (RSP)
And finally, this place was still being fitted out when we stopped by last week, and it should be open by now: Potomac Tobacco Mini Market at 13th and Pennsylvania.

Since we only looked at a small corner of the Hill, we certainly missed some. Please tell us about other places that have opened in spite of the pandemic!

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