Robert Pohl

Robert Pohl worked for many years as a computer programmer but recovered from that and became a full time stay-at-home dad. With his son now in school, he has expanded his horizons and become a self-taught historian. He has written books about his house as well as Emancipation in the District of Columbia. You can reach Robert at Robert[at]

Robert Pohl
22 Oct 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: Holmes’s Self-Righting Boat

As always, I am on the lookout for inventions that were either made or tested at the Washington Navy Yard. On March 2, 1858, a brief item appeared in the Washington Evening Star, stating that a “trial of Holmes’s ‘Self-righting Turf and Life Boat’ was to take place at the Navy Yard this morning.” The […]

15 Oct 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: Empty Lots

The majority of houses on Capitol Hill, it is often said, were built between 1880 and 1920. The outliers are the fairly large number of small wooden houses that predate the mid-1870s. There’s also many flat-front federal style houses built of light red brick, whose front-facing garage announces a post-war provenance. It should come as […]

10 Oct 2018


A New Headstone at Congressional Cemetery

A new headstone at Congressional Cemetery is hardly of earthshaking import, but in this case, it was most certainly worth going to the ceremony.

08 Oct 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: Christ Church, Redux

As per my usual habit, today’s piece is a rerun. Christ Church, located today 620 G Street, SE, was built in 1807 and consecrated in 1809, is the oldest church in Washington DC. It was not, however, the first building used by this congregation. That honor goes to a small wooden structure located nearby. Christ […]

01 Oct 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: Ebeling’s Capitol

I have often written of travel guides of Washington, and have tried to find ever earlier attempts to describe the city. I may have come upon the earliest of all. Christoph Daniel Ebeling, born in Germany in 1741, became intrigued by the North American continent while studying theology at Göttingen University. While he thereafter became […]

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