Robert Pohl

Robert Pohl worked for many years as a computer programmer but recovered from that and became a full time stay-at-home dad. With his son now in school, he has expanded his horizons and become a self-taught historian. He has written books about his house as well as Emancipation in the District of Columbia. You can reach Robert at Robert[at]

Robert Pohl
19 Mar 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: The Experimental Model Basin

In writing about the Wind Tunnel at the Washington Navy Yard over the past few weeks, I have made passing mention of the Experimental Model Basin, which preceded the wind tunnel by a few years. A few words about that installation today. The late 19th century brought a revolution to engineering, with ever more scientific principles […]

12 Mar 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: The Richardson Hydroaeroplane

Last week, I wrote about the wind tunnel at the Washington Navy yard. Today, we will look at one of the first products thereof – the Navy’s first seaplane. While the US airplane industry was slow in developing –especially in contrast to that of the Europeans– the outbreak of war in 1914 spurred the government […]

05 Mar 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: The Navy Yard’s Wind Tunnel

Last week while researching tunnels, I chanced upon another tunnel here on the Hill. It’s not quite the same as those connecting the various Capitol Hill buildings, but one that came in handy in creating a new generation of Navy airplanes after the First World War: A wind tunnel. Aviation was still a new technology […]

26 Feb 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: Tunnels!

I love tunnels. Readers of this site may well have noticed this. So, imagine my embarrassment when I realized there was a whole set of Capitol Hill tunnels I was unaware of. Much like the well-known tunnels that connect the House and Senate office buildings with each other and the Capitol, these tunnels allow for […]

19 Feb 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: Special Presidents’s Day Edition

On this Presidents’ Day, where I hope all my readers are out and about and thus not actually reading this, I figured it would make the most sense to have a look back at Presidents who have been on the Hill for reasons outside the usual inauguration or State of the Union addresses. We start with […]

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