Robert Pohl

Robert Pohl worked for many years as a computer programmer but recovered from that and became a full time stay-at-home dad. With his son now in school, he has expanded his horizons and become a self-taught historian. He has written books about his house as well as Emancipation in the District of Columbia. You can reach Robert at Robert[at]

Robert Pohl
10 Dec 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: “Brass Plate and Cheek”

Over the last two weeks, I have told the story and aftermath of an early attempt to film at the Capitol. Today, I want to look at a coda to this tale –one that particularly amuses me as a tour guide who has frequent interactions with the Capitol Police. As mentioned, one of the main […]

04 Dec 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: George Herbert Walker Bush

The big news on Capitol Hill today was the lying-in-state of former President George H. W. Bush in the Rotunda of the Capitol. He is the 12th President to be accorded this honor, the first being President Lincoln in 1865. Most recently, Senator John McCain lay there. The last ex-President was Gerald Ford back in […]

03 Dec 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: Filming at the Capitol pt. 2

Last week, we looked at an early attempt to film on the east front of the Capitol, and the mistakes made in the reporting in the immediate aftermath. Today, it is time to look at what happened to the film thereafter. While the Capitol Police spent most of their time pointing fingers, and, in particular, […]

26 Nov 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: Filming at the Capitol

Filming a movie on the Capitol Grounds is far from easy today (and the areas open for this are well back from the building itself) As it turns out, it wasn’t easy back in the day, either – and could get the police in multiple cities involved in destroying the film being produced. At about […]

19 Nov 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: Hugh Preston Fiscel, pt. 2

Last week, I looked at the life of Hugh Preston Fiscel, and in particular his service during the First World War. I wrote that he was the only veteran of that conflict of whom I was aware of being buried in Congressional Cemetery. While that statement was true when written, I heard shortly thereafter of […]

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