07 Jul 2020


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When the most exciting thing to have happened to you today is that it rained last night (okay, and chatting on the phone with a friend– hi Rebecca!), you know that COVID times are special. What else has been going?

This very cool map is one of several neighborhood maps over at @figure-ground_design. A big h/t to @thegreatermarin on Twitter for passing it along!

By now, if you haven’t had at least one heated conversation about the Emancipation Statue at Lincoln Park, or witnessed a rally there, or a Go-Go dance performance, or read up as much information as there is available on the statue and Frederick Douglass’s dedication oration, are you even, like, a Hill denizen? A Hillizen? (#sorrynotsorry) Just in case you need a refresher, here is an excellent primer from DCist and the latest bit from The Guardian, based on this Smithsonian Magazine article.

Speaking of injustices, school appears to be on track to resume by August 31 with a combination of in-person and virtual instruction. However, DCPS teachers have been asked to sign a letter of intent on whether they commit to teaching in person or not– a gesture that can be interpreted as hostile toward those teachers who choose to teach only virtually. WUSA-9

Feel like volunteering but don’t know who might need your time and talents? Capitol Hill Village can always use more volunteers. Click through to read this month’s newsletter and learn more.

So.. baseball is actually starting, kinda. Here’s the schedule via PoPVille. Hey, maybe this is the time for you to move close to Nationals Park and view the games from home. NBC Sports helps you balcony shop.

Guess money really does talk: Good luck finding an actual Redskins jersey anywhere now, because even Walmart and Target have stopped stocking them. Yahoo! Sports

A moving moment with Mayor Bowser in yesterday’s situational update, where she grieved for Davon McNeil. Davon was only 11 when he was shot in Southeast Washington July 4, after a cookout organized by his mother, a violence interruptor in the neighborhood. My heart goes out to Davon’s mother, who should still be holding her eleven-year old and have nothing but excitement in her heart, watching him grow. Washington Post

Jack Posobiec, a journalist for OANN, was run out of Lincoln Park during a protest on Friday, June 26. He was roughed up and doused with water. I’m going to go ahead and say it, neighbors: Just because someone is a troll who fanned the flames of PizzaGate and who got himself banned from Bumble doesn’t mean you have to treat the man so nastily, especially when he was by himself. Washington Times

But the larger problem with people who hurl nastiness at others, like Benjamin Thomas –the green-shirted and unwitting star of a video at Lincoln Park where he was aggressive and insulting with some young protesters– is that they tend to leave a wake of mistreatment whenever they go. After the Hill Rag story was published and I wrote about him on that week’s Hill Buzz, I received some emails pointing me to the fact that Mr. Thomas had more than one discrimination lawsuit filed against him when he lived in Texas– for violating employees’ religious rights and for making the workplace a hostile work environment when he was the CEO of VitalPet until he was relieved of his duties in September of 2019.

An enlightening excerpt of a GlassDoor review of VitalPet sent to me via email.

Anyway, moving on. It looks like Lockheed Martin and Saab are moving into 99 M Street SE. But, and I ask this meaning no disrespect to the flashy new tenants… what for? I guess one day we’ll go back to normal, but I can’t envision having huge, premium, super expensive office space. Washington Business Journal

In news to balance that last bit, Mayor Bowser is introducing many new affordable housing units. (The DC Line) Hopefully these will open without needing additional months of wait due to failed inspections. (Washington City Paper)

Welp. Looks like we’re really easing up on restrictions quickly, especially if you go by the data from the helpful folks at WalletHub. We’re no South Dakota– currently the most lax state in the nation–– but we’ve moved up to 31 after being 49 for a bit. Interesting data as we move into our fourth month of physical distancing.

ICYMI: There are 51 murals around town and they are all so fun. The Atlas alone has 8! DCist

A little more on Safeway? Okay! Gosh, we’ve really missed you, Safeway. The Hill is Home

Parting thought: As DC grapples with its budget, this opinion from The Washington Post’s Courtland Milloy, on the nauseating disparity of health care between one riverbank of the Anacostia and the other, is vital reading. Investing in our communities is how we make sure that Black Lives Matter.

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