07 Jul 2020


A little more Safeway info

Hey there! While I finish putting together the Hill Buzz (j/k I haven’t even started), here are a few details about the 14th and Kentucky SE Safeway for you to get excited about. It looks like the store will open around the middle of August but no official date has been announced. (Pencil in anytime after August 12, however– this store definitely is gonna be a Leo.)

The new Safeway will have a Starbucks within the store again and it will have seating– as will the deli counter area. There will also be outdoor seating. The Starbucks will not have a separate entrance, for those who have asked. According to Nick Burger via Twitter, ““I believe [it will be] larger than a stand. More like a Starbucks you’d see at a Target or similar. So more space, integrated to the store.” There will also be a separate liquor store as there was before, so basically it’s just coming back with a very similar setup. Regarding the lovely CAPITOL HILL mural, I’m told it’s a combination of digital art and hand-painted details, but Beth Goldberg, who handles PR for Safeway, did not have an artist’s name when I asked. If you haven’t seen the photo tweet, here it is again!

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