10 Oct 2019

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Tomorrow: Get your tools sharpened!

Passing this on thanks to friend and sponsor of the blog, Dare Johnson Wenzler:

Fall is a good time to sharpen your tools! Photo by Capitol Hill Day School via our #Thehillishome feed on Instagram

The Community Projects Committee of the Capitol Hill Garden Club has arranged for sharpening of tools and knives on Friday, October 11 from 10 a.m. to noon.  The sharpener will come to the alley behind the 600 block of A St., NE, where he will sharpen your tools and knives for $3 per blade.  Proceeds benefit Capitol Hill Garden Club! 

1. He will sharpen garden tools such as pruners and grass clippers and kitchen knives.  This includes long-handled tools such as loppers.

2.  He will not sharpen any item with a serrated edge

3.  He will not sharpen push mowers

4.  He will sharpen blades from electric/gas mowers and edgers but only if the blades have been removed from the machines

5.  He will not clean blades but will spray hinges with a lubricant

6.  The sharpener asks that all tools have tags with the owner’s name.  This can be any sort of tag, including masking tape with your name on it.  Also, if you have more than one tool, please bring them in a bag.

If you want to have tools sharpened, contact Dare Johnson at DareJohnsn at aol dot com for the exact address.  Also, contact Dare if you cannot bring your tools or knives on that date but can drop them off before then.

What a great way to start fall! Go get those tools sharpened and have fun doing some fall pruning!

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