28 Aug 2018


Hill Buzz

Eye-opening deliciousness via @sospesodc. Thank you for tagging #TheHillisHome!

Good late morning afternoon, Capitol Hill! Hello to you all and to the few random people who visit us from faraway places: Are you planning on coming over to DC? Don’t do it this week unless you really, really love humidity!

In truly shocking news, Buredo closed its H Street location. Eater has the details. P.S. Rumor has it that there will be a sushi place coming to Coda on H Street, so hopefully that will help fill the void on the western side of H Street. (The eastern side will always have Sticky Rice.)

The city will break ground on the new RFK complex tomorrow at 10 a.m.! (Click that link if you want to attend.) This groundbreaking’s been a long time coming and it’s probably going to irk some folks (and not satisfy others), but ceremonies such as this one are always exciting milestones. Curbed DC 

In sort-of neighborhood news, what IS Capitol Crossing? I mean, other than a years-long bane of the existence of Massachusetts Avenue traffic. You’d think reclaiming three city blocks from the void would be easy to get excited about. Bisnow

A great write-up about one of the Eastern Market vendors. You can still contribute to his Kickstarter, too! Free Enterprise

Dangerously Delicious Pies is the newest music venue on H Street and they were recently profiled by DC Music Download. Check it out! DC Music Download

In news that affects us all, FYI and ICYMI: Vision Zero doesn’t work because drivers are more than a little blind to pedestrians and cyclists. Moral of the study? We need reliable and highly visible infrastructure that protects bikes and pedestrians. Treehugger

Skating is good for you but it’s severely curtailed around DC. (Quick: Name ONE skate park within walking distance of your house…. that’s legal. This actually means that Garfield Park doesn’t count.) This needs to change. Greater Greater Washington

In news that surprises no one, rat complaints are up –waaaay up. The Washington Post has a veritable screed on rat mania, including statistics on just how much reporting has gone up and how it shows no signs of slowing down. More people, more bars, more (rat) problems. Let’s collectively wish for a very cold winter, maybe? Washington Post (subscription)

Here’s what to expect at this year’s H Street Festival. Hint: It’s going to be A LOT. Especially intrigued by the “Maury Povich Truth Truck.” Will the actual Maury Povich be on hand? Will we all be liars? So much suspense already and now I have to wait until Saturday, September 15! Frozen Tropics

ETA: Get ready to celebrate TEN WHOLE YEARS of Peregrine Espresso next week! We have details. The Hill is Home




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