19 Jun 2018


Hill Buzz

The DC Flag, via @OMGFlags on Instagram

Good late morning, Capitol Hill! I’m still recovering from this morning’s World Cup match and haven’t voted yet, but here is your Hill Buzz. Want to find out at which local bars you can watch the game or cry bitter, salty tears because your squad sucked? Click here

It’s Primary Day! Do you know for whom to vote? Tim has a Lazy Voter’s Guide just for you. The Hill is Home

Still need to find your polling place? Get thee to the DC BOEE site by clicking here. Hurry! Polls close at 8 p.m.!

Gonna need some help eating those feelings? Buffalo and Bergen is coming to the former Bagels and Baguettes space and we could not be more excited for a deli-style space in this part of the Hill. WCP

And from the minds behind All Souls Bar comes Little Grand to H Street NE. They’ll serve pizza AND beer, so basically we don’t have to go too far to eat the remaining feelings, should there be some. Eater DC

We can learn much from seeing a corner change in 12 years. Kind of like how you see your life flash before your eyes when you thought your team would do better, but instead played dirty. Great photo retrospective, JDLand!

The heat is beating us down –whether here in DC or in Saransk, Russia. WTOP has a guide of what to do in the heat (Hint: The Union and Eastern Markets). Do you know what else you can do in the heat? Check this post.

Robberies with a gun have increased in the District… but robberies without a gun have decreased. Intriguing. Washington Post

Speaking of which, the police would like your help in finding Monday’s robbery suspects. Hill Rag

People are right-swiping on H Street and Capitol Hill and we totally get it: We’re ???. Bustle

100 Montaditos did not make it– only lasted 4 years in the Navy Yard area. Beaten, defeated. Possibly 2-1. We hardly knew ye, 100 Montaditos. Eater DC

On Friday, a Marine guarding the Commandant’s house suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Some reports have said the wound was not accidental, but our links leave the case open-ended. Sending good thoughts to the Marine Barracks family and a speedy recovery to the afflicted. NBC 4Military.com


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