25 Apr 2018


Tweets Around the Hill

We come across news on Twitter every day and it’s time to share the bounty. Don’t tweet? Here’s a post tailor-made for you! On Twitter? Make sure you follow the accounts below.

A new look for the crazy intersection at 8th and K Streets and West Virginia Avenue NE.

What will the new triangular space become? User @MrTinDC has a great idea:


It’s not technically Ward 6, but pedestrians were struck at 9th and New York Avenue NW yesterday (an intersection deemed one of the worst in the whole area, per a DDOT study). Pedestrian safety is a cause for concern all around town.

Is it time to revive this post from November, about the worst intersections around the neighborhood? I think so. Leave us a comment with your candidates for Worst Greater Capitol Hill Area intersections. We’ll take anything conterminous with Ward 6. It’s also time to realize that Vision Zero is not working –and not just at a local level, but at a national level. Enforcement needs to happen, but it’s clearly not enough. How about making cities less welcoming of so many cars? If we also have better and more reliable transportation, people might leave their cars behind more often.


Hmm. Ribbon-cutting canceled for Reservation 13. Maybe it doesn’t mean anything in particular, but why does the DC government occasionally behave in a manner that makes you question their motives? (More background here)


This is worrisome. Any WeWork members out there? How do you feel about this?


If you’re not following the Council of DC on Twitter, you’re really missing out on the fun.





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