27 Mar 2018


Hill Buzz

Photo by @tess_mcmod, via our Instagram tag, #thehillishome

The Douglas Memorial United Methodist Church was never the same after the 1968 riots. A nice profile of an H Street NE landmark over the past 50 years. Washington Post.

A novel but common sense take on the essentials of a good meal: Good service, good food, good ambiance/décor. Seems like Barracks Row’s own Garrison did not rate top marks with these diners, unfortunately. The Hoya

The amount of development coming to Capitol Riverfront is astonishing. Washington Business Journal does a good job of enumerating the projects coming to both sides of the Douglass bridge.

Hmm… Douglas Development bought the building where Sanphan is. Wonder if they’ll slowly try to buy up the whole block? WBJ

A little green swath in the far reaches of Ward 6 will soon become a Pepco substation. Why can’t this farm stay? Why does Pepco have to have a substation right there? Washington City Paper

The Rally for DC Lives at Folger Park was moving and emotional. Hill Rag 

Washingtonian waxes poetic about the “Golden Age” of grocery shopping in DC. Tell that to Wards 7 and 8, though. Also of interest: Was the Jenkins Row Harris Teeter really what tipped the scales for sophisticated shoppers here on Capitol Hill? Furthermore, writing lovingly about food shopping and not mentioning upscale corner stores, Union Market or Union Kitchen (among others) is peculiar. Does the author only grocery shop at mass market grocery stores or something? I have issues with it, but clearly the article strikes a nerve. Washingtonian



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