11 Sep 2015


The Capitol Hill Diaper Drive Starts Saturday!

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Basic needs. Artwork courtesy of the DC Diaper Bank.

The DC Diaper Bank needs your help, Capitol Hill: Starting this Saturday, September 12, the Capitol Hill community is kicking off a Diaper Drive to benefit the DC Diaper Bank!

Whenever I volunteer at the DC Diaper Bank, surrounded by mounds of 25-diaper bundles ranging in size from newborn to adult, I give thanks to whoever listens to my thoughts for not having to deal with diapers anymore. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy my boys’ baby years: I did, despite tears, sleeplessness, and that feeling of inadequacy that coats every decision in the early years and never goes away. The joys are many, but the diapers are always stinky.

A 25-diaper bundle at the DC Diaper Bank. Photo by María Helena Carey

A 25-diaper bundle of size 5s at the DC Diaper Bank. Photo by María Helena Carey

Diapers are poop– mounds and mounds of poop. No matter how you choose to catch that baby poo, it’s not glamorous and it’s not cheap, but it has to be done. This task is hard for low-income families because diapers are not covered by food stamps.

Capitol Hill mom Corinne Cannon channeled the sleeplessness and frustration of her early motherhood days into founding the DC Diaper Bank in 2010, as the closest diaper bank at the time was in Pennsylvania. She couldn’t imagine how hard motherhood would be for someone having to deal with the regular frustrations and anxiety of being a mother, while in addition, having to wonder where the baby’s next diaper would come from. A recent quote shared over at the Diaper Bank’s Facebook page sums up this important work:

“I had to leave my home in a hurry due to a domestic violence situation and couldn’t grab many diapers, so this donation is a lifesaver.”

Corinne has previously been honored as a L’Oreal Woman of Worth, and as a Johnson & Johnson Champion of Care finalist. She was featured this week in CNN Heroes and we could not be prouder of her. Watch her segment by clicking this link.

Here is all you need to know:

What: The Capitol Hill Diaper Drive, collecting diapers and baby supplies and benefiting the DC Diaper Bank

When: Saturday September 12, 2015 until Saturday September 26, 2015

What can we bring: DIAPERS, but also formula, wipes, rash ointment, baby wash, baby food, and yes, MONEY. If you want to make a donation RIGHT NOW, click this link and do it.

Where: Capitol Hill, silly! The following businesses will be happy to accept your donations:

  • LABYRINTH GAMES & PUZZLES — 645 Pennsylvania Avenue SE
  • 7th HILL PIZZA — 327 7th Street SE
  • DAWN PRICE BABY — 325 7th Street SE
  • CURBSIDE CAFE — 257 15th Street SE (10% discount for customers who bring donations!)
  • Can’t find a place to make your donation? Check the DC Diaper Bank Ambassador drop-off locations!

Last year’s drive brought in over 13,000 diapers. Let’s beat the record, neighbors! All hands on deck!

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