09 Apr 2015


And Your #BarMadness15 Winner is……

Little Miss Whiskey's Golden Dollar: Your #BarMadness15 WINNER!

Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar: Your #BarMadness15 WINNER! (click to see full size)

Capitol Hill: you have voted in amazing numbers and have decided by a landslide that Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar is your #BarMadness15 WINNER!


It was a tough road to the top, but throughout the contest, Little Miss Whiskey’s managed to stay on top beating formidable foes with comfortable margins: first it was Bistro Cacao, then Boundary Road, Union Pub, Trusty’s and previous winner the pug. Finally, LMW came head-to-head with scrappy newcomer Sol Mexican Grill –which put up a heck of a fight! Sol beat out Atlas Arcade, Matchbox, Biergarten Haus, Tunnicliffs, and Justin’s Cafe only to have LMW’s good times roll all over its otherwise flawless track record: 2210 vs 783! That’s a whole lot of votes!

It is now time to say goodbye until 2016. But especially, it is time to say thanks.

Thank you ever so much to each and every one of the bars who participated and cheerfully supported our contest with your posts, tweets, and flyers encouraging your patrons to visit our site: to say that we couldn’t do it without you is clearly an understatement. Your happy, competitive spirit has made this small contest grow from a handful of bars to a bona fide NCAA-worthy bracket where we were obligated to leave out some of you. There is always next year, where we’re going to have to become even more creative with our selection process.

Really: thank you. Thank you to all of you wonderful Capitol Hill restaurants and bars, for providing places where people in all age demographics and from all walks of life can take a load off, have a drink or ten, and enjoy world-class cuisine, or a perfectly crunchy grilled cheese, or the most delightfully spicy buffalo wings we’ve had in recent history. (Or, oh… I don’t know… TACOS?!?!?!) Thank you for reminding us daily why Capitol Hill is Washington City Paper-certified THE BEST NEIGHBORHOOD IN THE CITY.

I could gush on and on, but it’s time to celebrate. Little Miss Whiskey’s? We’ll be in touch! xo

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