23 Mar 2015


BAR MADNESS: The Thirsty Thirty-Two!

bracket(2)In the prior post, I unveiled the winners of the last round. You’ve been patient and waited breathlessly for me to churn out sixteen polls (correctly). Your patience is now rewarded: behold what I am officially and very cornily calling the Thirsty Thirty-Two, because there is no alliteration editor to stop me.

This next round will be played in exactly the same way: you have until Wednesday March 25 at 11:59 pm to vote for your favorites. Tell your friends and drinking buddies to help out, as the fate of your favorite bar is in all of your collective hands.

  1. Biergarten Haus Vs. Star & Shamrock
  1. Matchbox Vs. Sol Mexican Grill
  1. Kelly’s Irish Times Vs. Lola’s
  1. Capitol Lounge Vs. Tunnicliff’s

5.The Big Board Vs. Bluejacket

  1. H Street Country Club Vs. Argonaut
  1. Justin’s Cafe Vs. Sonoma
  1. Tune Inn  Vs. Molly Malone’s
  1. Little Miss Whiskey’s Vs. Union Pub
  1. Boundary Road Vs. Medium Rare
  1. Trusty’s  Vs. Barrel
  1. Church & State  Vs. Rose’s Luxury
  1. Kitty’s Saloon Vs. the pug
  1. Beuchert’s Saloon Vs. Sticky Rice
  1. The Dubliner Vs. Ambar
  1. The Queen Vic Vs. Acqua al 2

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