01 May 2012

THE Madame Meow Will Eat Greek-style Frozen Yogurt. For You and For Freedom.

There was a point a few weeks ago, when I was eating funnel cake at Busch Gardens shaping young minds on a tour and dreaming of a better life, that I wanted to pack it all in and move to a cabin in Montana. But I got through it, with the sure knowledge that as bad as I may have it, someone is always having a worse day. It’s the little people, in the trenches, that make stuff happen, and I should just say thank you and go about my day.

In that vein, our very own Maria Helena Carey, aka @TheMadameMeow to her legions of twitter followers, will saddle up tomorrow and ride around with the new Ben and Jerry’s Truck. All Day. Or at least from 11am to 4 pm.

Ben and Jerry’s, well known ice cream pushers, will be hawking their new frozen yogurt line (and no I will NOT call it FroYo, haters of the English language) at various Hill-like locations tomorrow and the good Madame will be sharing her experiences in this arduous task with us via the twitter.

And fair warning, if Ms. Carey goes all @NationalZoo on us, we will shut this thing down. I can’t go through that again.

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  • jendemayo

    First yoga now Fro-Yo?? I’m starting to worry about you Tim.

    • We’re not calling it that. Not on my watch.

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