26 Oct 2010

CaBi’s Here

CaBi came to the NE corner of Lincoln Park Monday …

Photo by Elizabeth Festa.

Photo by Elizabeth Festa.

Photo by Elizabeth Festa.

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6 responses to “CaBi’s Here”

  1. Bryant says:

    So glad to see it!

  2. Piso Mojado says:

    Finally. Hopefully those children weren’t harmed by those red shiny bikes. Now if we can just do something about those pesky MD drivers and their lethal, errant hubcaps.

  3. Mark says:

    oh yeah I jogged by this yesterday, the profile of the CaBi station is pretty low imho. Someone was returning a bike as I went by, already in use!

    Don’t forget a year subscription to CaBi is only $50 until Oct 31 when it goes up to $75.

  4. Bill says:

    and I thought I had more time until the END OF THE WORLD would be here!! Welcome CABI.

  5. David Holmes says:

    There is a dearth of CaBi locations between eastern Lincoln Park and Union Station. Sometime soon a docking station will be placed at 4th and East Capitol. But DDoT need to place more stations between LP and Stanton Park and points north. As an ANC commissioner I’ve suggested the traffic island east of 9th at A (on the sidewalk), the park at 8th and Constitution (towards the green house), the 13th St. side of Maury by the basketball court (with some hard surface for the bike station), and the D Street side of the DC Teachers Credit Union at 9th Street. All are in my district. The Credit Union would have to agree to the location but the others are DC property. Small Lola Beaver Park on the west side of 9th at A Street, NE, isn’t appropriate since it’s heavily utilized by neighborhood families and dogs, and loss of square footage even for a bike station would matter.

    David Holmes
    Commissioner 6A3

  6. Kathleen says:

    @Bill. That’s hysterical.
    I hope you vote, or you voted already.

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