01 Nov 2018


DDOT wants Residents to Weigh in on Dockless Bike Regulations

Have you noticed there are fewer of the free-roaming dockless bikes in the neighborhood? A ‘bike gone rogue,’ painted a subtle white, was even removed from my alley. In July two bike share companies pulled out of the city, citing the new regulations that require dockless bikes be locked to signs or bike racks. Weren’t […]

21 Jun 2018


New Circulator Routes Start 6/24

Do you love getting around town on the Circulator for just $1? There are changes coming to the Circulator routes that you need to know. The changes will be implemented starting this Sunday, June 24. Eastern Market Metro – L’Enfant Plaza Metro (EMLP):  This new route connects Eastern Market Metro station and L’Enfant Plaza Metro. […]

30 Oct 2017


Lost Capitol Hill: Getting the Street Railway Started

With the extension of the H Street streetcar line now looking more likely again, and with people pontificating – as usual – about the unacceptable amount of time it has taken to get to this point, it seems appropriate to look at the past and see whether there are any parallels to be found there. […]

03 Apr 2017


Lost Capitol Hill: Gilbert Vanderwerken and his Omnibus

Public transportation is a subject that I return to again and again. Today, I will look at one of the earliest ways you could get to the Navy Yard from the rest of Washington. In the early days in Washington, the only form of public transportation was a stagecoach that went from the Capitol to […]

02 Feb 2017


Prepare for Headaches: Metro Service Disruptions

In case you missed it, Metro is going to have bus-only service to Downtown this weekend.

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