20 Sep 2011

Mr. Wells, Tear Down this Bike Station!

Today marks the one year anniversary of Capitol Bikeshare, the nation’s largest public bike sharing system (at least until those laggards up in New York finally catch up). Which means it’s been a bit under a year that residents of Lincoln Park have had to suffer the cruel indignity of having 15 bikes foisted upon them. No longer […]

27 Jul 2011

Additional Bikeshare Locations Coming to a Corner Near You

This isn’t the first time I’ve expounded upon the joys of Capital Bikeshare, but I’m back to the topic with good reason — DDOT has announced 32 new bikeshare locations will be added in the district, 18 of which will include larger stations with more bikes for rent. The expansion is the first since the […]

27 Apr 2011

DDOT Asks for CaBi Input

DDOT is asking for your feedback on the proposed placement of 25 new Capital Bikeshare stations. Our friends at Greater Greater Washington have, as ever, given us a useful introduction to the topic. If you’re really interested, the comments are also quite enlightening, though I hope some of those people also sent their comments to […]

26 Oct 2010

CaBi’s Here

CaBi came to the NE corner of Lincoln Park Monday …

23 Oct 2010

CaBi Coming to NE Corner of Lincoln Park, Possibly as Soon as Monday

DDOT sent out an email yesterday informing residents that they’ve opted to install the hotly-disputed Capital Bikeshare station on the Northeast Triangle at Lincoln Park (13th, North Carolina and East Capitol NE). As you’ve no doubt heard by now, this location has been one of the most contentious in the early roll out of CaBi. […]

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