18 Sep 2010

Come Join the FUN at H Street Festival!

Photo by María Helena Carey

It’s Saturday afternoon.  You won’t be cleaning the garage or the attic anytime soon; it’s too late to start a yard sale; most places for brunch have a 45-minute wait and surly staff, tired of serving early birds Margaritas.

So what can you do?  Come down to H Street NE!!!

Clearly, we need your best dance moves.  We also need your stomach and your liver, so you can enjoy Curbside Cupcakes, Dangerously Delicious Pies, Oktoberfest at Biergarten Haus, and pretty much every single H street eatery’s booth.  Check out a bunch of not-yet-open H Street spot like Smith Comments and Toki Underground.

Incidentally, I am live blogging from the CHAMPS booth, where you can stop by and nominate your favorite Capitol Hill businesses for the Hilly Awards on November 19th!  And I am going to stop for now, because something smells AMAZING and I am way too hungry to keep typing.

Need I say more to lure you here?  COME JOIN THE FUN!

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