19 Apr 2018


To Do: Weekend of April 19th – 22nd

Did anyone manage to get tickets to the Iñárritu exhibit when they were made available this past Monday? I tried but it was booked up by 8:15. On the one hand, it is genuinely thrilling to be a member of such a culturally aware community; but keeping up with the cool kids requires a calendar of […]

12 Apr 2018


To Do: Weekend of April 12th – 15th

Perhaps we are finally shaking off wintery weather this weekend? I’ll say no more on the matter until my toes have been set free from the tyranny of socks. Until we can reliably frolic in sandals we should maybe try some of this? Tonight, learn about the 14th Amendment and its relevance to African American […]

05 Apr 2018


To Do: Weekend of April 5th – 8th

Happy Opening Day everyone! Are you one of those for whom life has meaning and purpose once again with the return of the Nationals? I am not one of you, but I seem to know many of you. Congratulations! And for those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, my apologies. […]

29 Mar 2018


To Do: Weekend of March 30th – April 1st

We have two major holidays happening this weekend. For the non-observant, I am talking about Passover and Easter. These may take up a good part of your free time this weekend. But in addition to the seder and some egg-finding, what else could you do? Tonight, learn to make tasty seasonal spring soups at the […]

15 Mar 2018


To Do: Weekend of March 15th -18th

Dear me, it is St. Patrick’s day this weekend– on a Saturday, no less. While I will likely stay home undercovers with some soda bread watching The Commitments, don’t let me keep you from sharing in the festivities with all your other Irish friends. Tonight is another Overbeck Lecture sponsored by the Capitol Hill Restoration […]

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