30 Aug 2018

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Marie and Rosetta at Mosaic Sing And Swing

Mosaic Theater kicked off its newest season by proving that, just when you think they couldn’t possibly be the most inclusive theater company around, they can always do better. What topped last year’s beautiful, bold The Devil’s Music? A dialogue/tetralogue with Rosetta Tharpe and Marie Knight, with the live musicians that help tell the story right […]

17 May 2018

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Hooded, or Another Must-See from Mosaic

The third season of Mosaic Theater has brought us gems like Queens Girl in Africa, Vicuña and Paper Dolls, just to mention a few. As one of the closing plays of the season, they’ve restaged a smash hit from season two: Hooded, or Being Black for Dummies. The play, as much a comedy as a […]

05 Apr 2018


Paper Dolls at Mosaic Theater Delivers Songs, Sass and Empathy

It’s getting more and more challenging for me to write reviews of plays at Mosaic Theater because all I want to say is, GO SEE IT! GO NOW! It’s no different with Paper Dolls, A Play With Songs, playing through April 29. The play, written by Philip Himberg as a reimagining of Tover Heymann’s documentary Paper […]

25 Jan 2018

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Lessons in History and Hope from Queens Girl in Africa

Mosaic Theater has given us a few memorable one-person shows and Queens Girl in Africa carries that tradition proudly from beginning to end. Queens Girl is part of the Women’s Voices Festival and will be playing at the Lang Theater at the Atlas Performing Arts Center through February 4. Queens Girl is a one-woman play […]

07 Dec 2017

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Draw The Circle at Mosaic: Unflinching and Honest

Mosaic’s newest show, Draw the Circle, is intimate, raw, honest and uncomfortable. The discomfort is not a negative: As a matter of fact, it is the perfect note to strike in these intense, crazy times. How does it feel: being uncomfortable in your own skin? Knowing that, deep inside, you are not the person everyone […]

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