05 Mar 2021

To Do:

To Do, Week(end) of March 5, 2021

Yet another weekend looms upon us, asking to be filled with activities to distract us from the relentless pace of life. How can we indulge? Do you miss the FENCED-IN United States Botanic Garden? Us, too. While it’s ridiculous that not even the Botanic Garden’s exterior is available to the public, you can bask in […]

25 Feb 2021


To Do, Week of February 25, 2021

Today would have been George Harrison’s 78th birthday and you should celebrate it by listening to “All Things Must Pass” (appropriate) and getting some takeout from one of our favorite local places. What else is there to do? Visiting Eastern Market is one of the best weekend plans ever and I feel like it doesn’t […]

19 Feb 2021


To Do, Weekend of February 19, 2021

Good afternoon and welcome to Pisces season! If you feel like crying or eating your feelings, this is a good time of year to indulge that. What diversions can help in your mission to eat your fridge? Let’s take a look! Before we get down to what you can do from home, here’s something to […]

12 Feb 2021

To Do From Home, Weekend of February 12, 2021

Yes, friends, it’s Valentine’s Day weekend. Many of you over on Instagram stories and Twitter are divided on liking a day that celebrates Valentine of Rome, who was definitely martyred but whose origin story is a little confusing. It’s peculiar to celebrate someone’s gruesome deathday, but hey! It marks the days that go by. Enough […]

15 Jan 2021


To Do From Home, Weekend of January 15, 2021

Whoa.It really is 2021– halfway through the first month, no less. I know we’re all busy with the National Guard taking over our neighborhood and all the fencing, but it’s my unpleasant duty to remind you that there is a pandemic still raging. Two days ago, we learned that the more virulent COVID variant is […]

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