09 Jun 2017



To the rest of the country, Flag Day may be just another day (“…when *is* Flag Day anyway?” you may be asking).  Maybe it’s the day you dust off your bunting and get creative for the Fourth of July. Here in DC, we go big and proud for the day and you can be a part […]

14 Jun 2016


Happy Flag Day! VOTE!

Just a gentle reminder to GET OUT THERE AND VOTE, PEOPLE! While we would rather eat a bag of something unsavory rather than think about our national election and the awful backbiting and bickering involved, we strongly encourage you to turn in a vote for our local elections– especially the At-Large councilmember seat. Here at […]

11 Jun 2015

Capitol Hill:

Fly That Flag: Win the Ward 6 Contest

Don’t you love seeing the DC flags on display throughout our neighborhood? You’ll spot it everywhere: flagpoles, on the side of homes, emblazoning everything from t-shirts and sunglasses to kid’s onesies. Want to make a big statement about our fair city? Enter the DC Flag Day Contest, and get to it before Flag Day, this Sunday, […]

12 Jun 2013

Show Off Your DC Flag Photos and WIN!

Love for DC: the subject of many a blog and many a post is the reason so many of us hang out in this murky little swampland, at the mercy of the mosquitoes, the humidity, and even the tornadoes. This week, show the world that you love DC, from itscorruption local government to its vivid red […]

14 Jun 2012

Happy Flag Day

This event isn’t exactly on the Hill but I love the DC flag and have much pride for this dear city, and our neighborhood is one of the city’s oldest, so I wanted to share. To celebrate Flag Day, and specifically the DC flag, there will be a series of events TODAY beginning in Dupont […]

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