21 Apr 2020


What’s that (lack of) smell? Female ginkgo spraying in progress

If you’ve ever taken a crisp fall walk, only to encounter a smell that can best be described as the intoxicating mixture of vomit, baby crap and hangover breath, you know how unpleasant ginkgo berries –produced by female ginkgo trees– can be. The District Department of Transportation, in one of those inexplicable tasks that cannot […]

06 Jan 2020


Still need to dispose of your holiday tree? Read this!

Traditionally, January 6 or Epiphany day is the day where many Christmas decorations come down (and the three wise men bring MORE presents, but we digress). The Union Station regalia was struck this past Sunday, for instance, and most places are going back to normal– as are all those who hold down a regular 9-to-5. […]

30 Jul 2019



If you were really annoyed that the whole Mueller hearing circus prevented our own DC Statehood hearing from taking place as originally scheduled on July 24, here is a bit of good news: Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton announced yesterday the rescheduled date for the statehood hearing: 10 a.m. on Thursday, September 19. Get ready to […]

03 Jun 2019


Random but cool: McDonald’s is taking your foreign currency, Thursday

It’s not often that we get a press release from McDonald’s, but this is pretty cool. Considering we have many international travelers in our midst, it might be something you want to do– if you eat at McDonald’s, that is. This Thursday, June 6, from 2-5 p.m., you can pay with foreign currency because Mickey […]

22 Apr 2019


We Lost a Neighbor and Friend on Friday. Now what?

Ever since my friend Karen Ramsey called me on Friday afternoon to tell me about Dave Salovesh’s death, I’ve been dreading having to write about it. I am but a mere blogger, trying to pass news and information on to you in between my other jobs and raising my kids and weeding my yard so […]

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